You and I are people with words…

We have something to say…

We seek to empower and inspire all the time…

You do it for free because you have not quite figured out how to monetize it and there is a part of you that still doubts if anyone needs to hear what you have to say and pay for it…

Whereas I feel the same things in terms of fear and self-doubt but I decided that I had a vision and I was going to make it work

And so I do.

So, I wonder, dear friend, when will you realise that your vision is actually your permission?

That that picture inside of you of the impact and the influence you are called to have, is for real…

When will you stop playing it down?

Watching people like me do the kind of thing you want to do and still you sit on the fence waiting, wondering when your turn will come and wondering when someone out there will give you a platform…

It ain’t gonna happen, darling.

It just will not.

If you want something you are going to have to get right up and take it!

And the crazy thing about all this small-playing is that you are one powerful leader person

You have overcome so much

You have withstood incredible tests

And you are still going

And that is both a blessing and a curse

Because there is a part of you that knows that standing your ground, and building something big, is TOUGH and you are not sure that you want to throw yourself some more into that same old, yucky fray

And yet, you also KNOW that you have what it takes…

Because you have done it before

EXCEPT you did it for things within your comfort zone, things that the world, your parents, friends, whoever, told you would add up to success and happiness…

And even though you achieved a form of success, it was not all that satisfying and you are not happy

And you are comparing doing your purpose work where you feel fulfilled, financially abundant, free, love-drenched and utterly awesome…

With fighting to do some other person’s definition of success


Do you get what I am saying here?

Let me use my life as an example…

I fought long and hard to escape my past story of poverty by becoming a pharmacist

It was hell to stay on that course and I could play all manner of violins about the journey to becoming a pharmacist

But ultimately, it was the wrong wall for me.

I had fought long and hard for the wrong thing!

So I got there, thinking that life would now be all kinds of awesome, only to discover that I was empty, bored and it all felt YUK

The idea of doing that for 40+ year filled me with dread but I thought I had no choice…

But, just in case, I started dabbling at business which is what you are doing now…

But because it had been hard enough to get to being that pharmacist, somewhere in the back of my head was this feeling that I would just struggle again to become a successful business owner and I would still freaking HATE it and so what the heck was the point of going all in?

And so though I said that I was all in…

I was playing small and the moment that anything got uncomfortable, I would pull back and think to myself that life was not all that bad so why bother trying too hard?

I did not say any of this out loud, of course…

Out loud, I was talking big about the business I would build but inside, I was holding back

And you are doing it too


For me, it took bankruptcy, depression, 3 princesses to finally shake me loose of my stupor…

What will it be for you?

How long will you keep playing at business, rather than going all the way in?

How long will you play at empowering people and selling your books, music, art, products, services before you go all the way in?

It was like I was 2 different people

The wimpy me that existed before bankruptcy, depression and princesses

And the powerful, unbreakable version of me that rose out of the ashes of defeat and failure and still had to go a few rounds before finally setting her freaking mind like FLINT on becoming all she dreamt of.

And I am on my way

And it feels exhilarating realising that actually, you can make money doing what you want to do…

You will be taken care of when you lean into Source

There are no limits to what you can create when you choose to go the distance


It actually feels good when you are on purpose and it is worth every moment of challenge

If anything, you realise just how strong, capable and powerful and fucking unbreakable you are

Not everyone can handle this journey, for sure…


You, the one that everyone always thinks is too much

You, the one who has always felt out-of-place even amongst friends and family because you are freaking bored by the things that they are interested in and they do not understand your big ideas…

You, the one who KNOWS you are called to change lives in a bigger, bolder way


YOU, who always takes on a lot and tries to take care of the world…

You, the one that others lean on for your strength…

You get this

It excites you

And you are ready…

START HERE: The Deliberate Millionaire’s FREEDOM book – – You have to break free of the ideas that the world has tried to condition you with so that you can fully own your true vision and start getting it out there in the world

Do you not know that the world needs people like you and I to rise up and shine.

It is time to WAKE UP!

Are you in?

Download a free copy of the book at

Read or listen to it

Break free of the shackles that bind you to the wrong life.

Much Amazing Love

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