How Long Will It Take Me To Grow My Business?

By July 18, 2015October 4th, 2015Self Development

Did you start your business trying to figure out how long you have to work before you start to make the big bucks? You read other people’s stories and you know that you are more than capable of doing what they did and yet…

You wonder if it will take a long time or not.

You wonder if you have what it takes to go the distance and you want some assurances up front that if you commit this much time and money, then you will definitely get the reward…

And unfortunately, no one can assure of that!

And anyone who tries to, is lying to you.

But the lie may seem so much sweeter than the truth, right?

You want so badly to be given certainty and yet no one can give that to you. You know it but that does not stop you from trying to get it.

So you are committed to your success… to a point.

And so, you never will have the dream.

Yes, that is the truth.

You never will have the dream until you make a solid decision internally to keep moving forward regardless of what anyone or anything has to say to you.

Regardless of how long it takes…

Regardless of how much you have to do…

Regardless of whether it works or not…

I know, it seems counter intuitive to decide that you will go even if it works or not, but you have to. Because you have no control over how long the outcome takes to get here, you just have control of managing your emotions and your determination and your ability to keep moving regardless.

Is the dream worth it?

Is the vision of the life you could lead worth it?

Or are you happy enough in your current circumstances, then why bother upsetting the apple cart?

You could stay put with all the other people in the world who want something but do not want to do the work to get it. You do get that choice, you know?

But if you want something different…

If you want to lead a life that is exhilarating, exciting and wealthy…

Then you can no longer ask that question.

You have to set your intention and stay the course until you get there and you cannot keep looking back. Count the cost, determine to pay it and get to work.

That is it!

Decide that nothing less than everything is what you will settle for and get on board this train.

It is exciting! It is full of adventure!

There are ups and downs!

There will be moments of desperation, there will be moments of triumph and all in all, you will be ALIVE!

Truly alive to your purpose, your calling, your mission on the planet.

And what you are looking for, you will find but it may not look like what you thought it would.

And you will love it!

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Rosemary Nonny Knight was once a pharmacist and then decided to create a profitable business doing what she loves which enabled her to leave work. She also teaches other professionals and business owners to make the same shift.

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