Like a lot of budding and current entrepreneurs, you want to build a business that enables you to create a life, a business that you actually enjoy. What on earth would be the point of getting into a business that is even worse than the job you left it for and yet, that is where I found myself for a few years on this journey to becoming a successful & free business owner.

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I wanted out of being a pharmacist.

I wanted to make money while looking after my kids.

I wanted to actually live out the dreams in my heart, rather than just talk a good game but make nothing happen.

But for a long time, it looked like nothing at all was ever going to happen. I was working hard, waking up early, going to bed late, doing what they said to do and still the results were not amazing.

It felt like the struggle would go on forever.

And then, it all changed just like that! based on what I am going to share in this call…

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And then, recently, I decided to scrap what I had built even though it was about double what I earned in my full time pharmacist wage because it began to feel like a chore, like just another job that I did not like and I want a life built around doing what I enjoy doing.

And again, it has felt scary, it has felt like nothing will ever change but this time, I have the magic and I am even more courageous to use it…

And I want to share this with you because it took me time, it took blood and tears to understand it and I keep wanting it to be easier for everyone else…

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The problem, of course, is that you may not appreciate what I share with you for free because… well… it is free.

You think I am not telling you the truth.

You think I am hiding the magic…

You think I am wasting your time and it is all just a sales pitch…

And that is your right to think that…

Thankfully, I am getting to the point where I accept that each person must choose their own path and you get to make it as hard or as easy as you want.

I can’t make you choose to be successful.

You have got to choose it. The same way I did.

The same way I do every single day …

As much as I want to make it easy for you, the path is not easy and it is not for everyone. It is also made harder when you choose to do it alone, when you choose to deliberately set yourself up for hardship.

Let me be clear…

On this call, I will ask you to work with me…

I will ask you to invest in yourself…

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Yes, I want to work with you in the Get Your Message Out, Get More Customers In program and I want you to choose to put your money down because I know one of the reasons I am successful today, one of the reasons I get to stay home, make money, create a FREE life AND watch my kids grow and even start to make moves to up sticks and live in a warmer climate is because I faced my fears and decided I was going to make my money back and a whole lot more.

I knew I needed to be held accountable – I still know it and I have paid out over $30k in the last 10 months for my coaching, my accountability and I get results.

Your investment is not $30k, it is $600 with the option of paying in up to 4 instalments.

If you feel that that is too much to grow a business that gives you freedom then please don’t come. Even the free information I give you will not be useful to you because you do not yet fully believe in yourself or your business.

If you know that what you have now is not all that you want and you would like to move forward quicker then accept this invitation, avail yourself of the free detailed information then consider joining the program which begins on Monday.

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