Clients sometimes get worried and confused as to how much to post on social media…

They worry that they are being too pushy or that people will think they are just about the money

These are good hearted people who do want to make money and ALSO, make a difference.

For one, I have to remind them that there is nothing wrong with desiring to make money – After all, most people go to their boring jobs simply because they want to make money.  At least when you are in purpose-driven online business, you are committed to a cause greater than only money but money is pretty cool too!

Anyway, this is the thing…

Not everyone sees everything you put on social media.

I post anything from 12-24 times a day, if not more and yet, I sometimes have people come to me wondering where I had gone.  I am always like, “I have been here, where have YOU been?’

If you think that that ONE post, you finally managed to find the courage to throw out into the social media space is going to be seen by everyone that follows you, then you are sorely mistaken!

MOST will not see it.

People come onto social media at different times through the day so you want to post different things at different times during the day to catch their attention.

People like different things as well – So post a variety of content.

And then, take your content and put it where they are – Share it everywhere.

Operate on the assumption that MOST will not see what you are putting on your profile and take responsibility for getting in front of more eyeballs.

Ask people to share your stuff and to comment on it.

And honey, post at least 5-8 times every single day on FB

At least 3 times on Instagram

And much more on Twitter and Pinterest.

As I like to tell my clients, when I started in business, I posted something on my FB page every hour from 6am Eastern time to 9pm Eastern time because that is how I was taught.  It is also why it is so easy for me to create content now.

What if you decided to really amp up your content game?

If you want to make sales everyday, POST FREQUENTLY everyday!

And if you are committed to making at least $5K each month online, grab a copy of my free report – MAKE SALES EVERYDAY from – It goes into great detail on building a business that generates daily income and sales.

Much Amazing love

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