OK, so if you have been anywhere near my page for any length of time, you will know what my answer is going to be to this particular question and if you have not been in my world for any time then the answer is a whole lot more than you are currently.


Because this is SOCIAL media!

It is people communicating with each other regularly and if you intend to get any traction with it then why would you choose not to join in the regular, always happening conversation?

For goodness sake, Facebook gives you lots of hints that they seem to want you to spend your whole life there and they keep coming up with more and more ways to keep people on the platform for as long as possible and yes, it is in the interest of their business to make sure that we, the people, are kept happy and engaged with new things all the time because well, if we stopped using it, then it would just fall over and die.

And so, being a business owner that knows you want to use the platform to get more business, surely, you can see that it would be in your interests to give Facebook what they want.

Help them get people onto the platform and they will reward you with free marketing!

And that is really the thing here.

Give them what they want – Interesting, engaging content that is not just sales post after sales post after sales post and they will reward you with a lot higher reach for no money at all or for very little money.

How can you do this?

Well, I kinda already said it but to reiterate – By providing content that people want.

And let me let you into a secret, I don’t always know what will work on my page to get massive likes, comments and shares so I follow my never-fail rule of thumb – When in doubt about what to do, DO IT ALL over and over and over again until you figure out what is working for you.

And in the case of Facebook, I know that in a 24 hour period, I am probably going to come up with about 12 posts or more and out of those 12 posts, maybe only 1 or 2 will really strike a chord with my people and they will share it and bring more people to my page and my page will slowly but surely grow and grow and grow and there will be more and more of the people I want to serve on my page and gradually, I will get more and more clients from Facebook.

And that has happened.

It has been slow-going at times – I have made mistakes at times but nothing is ever un-recoverable from so when you ask, how many times to post on your page; Officially, I would say 5-8 times a day but really, the only reason I say that to you is because you think posting 8 times a week is being good!  So, rather than shock you with the amount of time I spend building my page, I want you to start to get results by doing 5 posts daily on a regular basis and then as you start to see what is happening, maybe you will increase that.

The other fear that you may have is that people are going to be bombarded with your posts and so you worry abotu having too many posts.  Well, honey, look at the numbers – How many are actually seeing your posts now?  I know from my 19k page that it is an abysmal number at times so I imagine if you have less than me, it is equally abysmal and so that is another reason I post regularly.  Because people pop in and out of Facebook at various times and if I only posted once 2 days ago, they are almost DEFINITELY not going to see that post and if it is just a ‘sales post’ then they are immediately hitting the ‘unlike page’ button.

So, hey, I may be extreme with my way of doing things but I get results because I am relentless… ( and yep, I learn under people who have more than a million on their pages! I always work with someone when I want to get better at something – None of that crazy pride thing for me!)

So, tell me, how is Facebook working for you?

OK, so if I have not scared you away with my extreme ways and if you want to build business YOU LOVE relentlessly while changing lives and creating a great income and being free to only do things you want to do when you want to do them, then I invite you to have a ‘FIVE Customers Now’ Strategy conversation with me where I will give you a recommended strategy to get more customers, clients or recruits into your online business (whether you are just starting or you have been doing this for a while and getting nowhere fast!) – Pop over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/rampitup and let’s talk.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

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