How do you uniquely present something that’s already widely advertised?

Crowded Marketplace

There is nothing new under the sun, right?

The chances are that whatever you have for sale has been offered by someone before you and frankly, it is a great thing if it has because it means that there is a market for what you are about to sell. You just need to tap into it.

Which, of course, is not to say that you should not have anything novel and new ever but expect to have a more uphill battle if you are doing something completely unique.

Anyway, the problem for you, the newbie with a great idea that others are already advertising successfully is that you may think there is no space for you in the marketplace and it may even feel absolutely true that there is no place for you. Because you may start to advertise your thing and find that no one is responding to you, there is just dead silence when you start to sell it. You may start to get disheartened and your family and friends may start to hint that it is time for you to go back and find a job as this business thing of yours is not working.

Will you give up?

I certainly hope not!

There are 7 billion people on the planet, do you think you can find your people out there?

I think you can!

And that is the real key here – You need to find your own people! You do not need many to make your business viable and as soon as you tap into a set of people who are your people and you get those super-evangelists in there who choose to promote your stuff for you (oh the joy of social media!) then you are made.

The thing you have to do is keep the faith!

And keep taking action promoting your stuff over and over and over in any way you can think of. Do not think there is one way to promote your business, do not think you even have to copy everyone else out there and do it exactly the same way. Your way of standing out from the crowd could be the way you promote your business and if you are uncertain, here are 21 ways to market your business to consider.

I would suggest that you make your marketing and promotions be based on your personality so that you attract more customers and clients who understand where you are coming from. You do this by putting ‘YOU’ out in the world. Be personal on your Facebook page, your LinkedIn updates – Yes, I do mean use a lot of social media.

Tell people what you are about!

Tell people why they should buy from you!

But more even than that, give them information that will inspire, motivate and entertain them and so by osmosis, you draw them into your world and then they are more ready to respond when you put your product or service before them.

The moral of what I am saying is this – Build an audience, build relationships with that audience and then serve them with your product, service, business opportunity and as long as you stay on course and refuse to back down, you will start to increase the income from your business.

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