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So, you wake up…

You kinda groan because either the kids are already in bed with you or you can hear them on their way and you know you have to get them ready to go to school or whatever.

Or you kinda moan because there is all kinds of things you are already behind on and you have a feeling today is not going to be the day that you get everything done so you feel fed up before you even begin…

Or you lie there trying to savour the warmth of your bed and waiting until the last possible second before you get up and face the cold, demanding world that you have created (though you do not think you have, you still think it is all happening to you!)

Whichever way, your day starts the same every single day – You are stressed before you even begin and you wake up already longing for night to come again so you can retreat back into oblivion again.

And you think this is living?!

Even if you are a particularly enthusiastic person and you wake up most days with a spring in your step, ready to take on the world, you and I know that some days you just crash and you cannot seem to get your mojo back. It seems to disappear into the ether for days on end and then you have to do something drastic in order to get it back.

You have to find a new particularly inspirational book, you have to take yourself off to a conference, you have to DO something to get your spring back or else you just flounder and flop around waiting for your next fix.

And yet, you can deliberately choose to change that.

You can use each morning to its full potential.

You can choose to wake up and get up, even just sit up in bed a little bit earlier than your household and spend some time in contemplation, in getting your mind in gear, in writing out your plans for the day, in creating the life that you want to have.

You get to choose to do this every day.

Instead of running into the day with no intention except to make it through, you can decide who you are going to be each day.

Are you going to be a person who notices and lives in abundance or are you going to be a person who sees all the lack in their life?

Are you going to send out waves of love to everyone you meet regardless of their craziness or are you going to add to the crazy all around you?

Do you know the thing you must be doing each and every day to get you to where you want to go or are you spinning your wheels doing everything and still not getting anywhere because you have not taken the time to work out what is important and what is urgent?

Let me give you a hint – The urgent stuff always feels so necessary but actually, the urgent stuff gets you nowhere fast except working to other people’s agendas. The important stuff never feels that urgent but if you do not do it then you become trapped in a life that never ever goes anywhere because you never take the steps that take you where you want to go.

We all get 24 hours and unless you get pretty deliberate about your life and business, you are going to end up doing all things for everyone else and finding yourself doing nothing for your dreams and goals.

Is that really what you want?

Every morning, you can create a few minutes of peace where you can center yourself before you plunge into the day.

Every morning, you can design the life you actually want rather than carrying on with the one others have decided you have to live.

Every morning, you can become the creator of your own fate by taking the time to write out (type out) the life you desire, to get clear about what it will take to create it and to decide the actions you will take each day to get there.

Every day, you get a gift – 24 hours and you get to choose how you use that time. Will you make your own thing happen or will you spend it on everyone else’s dreams?

Set yourself up for success by taking a moment to remind yourself who you are and who you want to be.

Take a moment to pray, to meditate, to imagine, to visualize.

You have the power to create something amazing with your life. You are a creator who only uses a small proportion of what is available to you.

It is time to step up and become all you are capable of being.

Are you ready?

Start a new, more empowering, morning routine.

And by the way, if you are determined to step into wealth and prosperity using your strengths and you would like to wake each morning to a thought provoking, empowering new thought then come join the Deliberate Millionaire Assembly where you can work with me and other forward thinking DMs to deliberately change the course of the rest of your life, to build business using your strengths and to become all you can be, DELIBERATELY.

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