Now I am no expert, though I love to talk as though I am 🙂 but sometimes dealing with stress is a very difficult process.  Being a mother, new or old, and trying to make any dreams happen at the same time (unless, of course you are one of those selfless mothers who I aspire to become!) is very, very difficult.

For one, dealing with guilt is pretty difficult.  Are you doing enough?  Are you doing too much? Are you at home but not really engaging with your children?  Are you becoming some kind of a helicopter parent that is stifling to your children?  The questions abound…

Well, as part of my continuous professional development (CPD) for my pharmacist role, I was looking through a booklet which talked about how to deal with stress at work.  This got me thinking that a lot of this material deals with problems at work or outside the home generally.  What of people who work at home, or mothers who look after children all day, every day and are beginning to find the whole thing pretty stressful?  I am sure there is material out there but I decided to write about Remy, a fictional female who has to work through some of her issues of being a SAHM- Stay at Home Mum.

We all know it can be pretty tough for some, coming to terms with being at home all the time especially if you are used to an active existence outside the home. So these articles talk through a few of the issues some parents face and give a few tips on how to deal with the situation.

Anyway, I hope you can take the time to look over the articles as I would love your opinion.  How do you cope with the stress of being everything to your children?

Here they are

  1. Coping with Stress
  2. Dealing with Stress
  3. Coping with Stress 2
  4. Dealing with Stress 2

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