Writing adverts can feel very ‘hit or miss’…

You never quite know exactly what will work and there are always gurus that tell you that if you do things their way then it will absolutely work…

You try it and guess what, it does not work FOR YOU!

Because Marketing is not an exact science – the best marketers are the ones who test and test and test everything they do until they find what works and then they go on to stay abreast of changes and tweak again, when today’s hit advert stops working tomorrow.

I know this may not be what you want to hear as you want the awesome ‘certainty’!

But you will not find that here.

I can certainly however tell you that YOU can write adverts that work for you.

Anyway, let me give you some guidelines, okay…

And remember these are guidelines, not absolutes.  Marketing is a very creative thing so be willing to try things out until you find your particular style.

  1. Adverts Are Headlines

    To qualify that, most adverts these days are done online (not all, of course!) – but you get a little amount of space to say a lot.  And so, getting great at writing headlines is a skill everyone must learn.

Facebook Ads

As you can see, I started the advert there with a headline question – Do you want to grow your online business?  The answer will be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and if it is a ‘no’ then people browse on by and nothing else I say is going to speak to them.  And this brings me to my next point…

2. Make Your Ads Clear & Polarizing

You may be tempted to try and get every person into your business because you think that everyone is your ideal customer.  The truth is, you will appeal to some more than others and so you are better off polarising people from the get-go.  Do not be too generic.  I could have said ‘Do you want to grow your business?’  and more people may have said yes but then they would discover that I am not for them so that would waste my marketing dollars.

I also, go on to say who you have to be to click on my ad and get my thing – An action taker.  I don’t want magic bullet seekers in my world so I tell them from the get-go – you have to be willing to take action.

How can you refine your wording to polarize and only attract the people you want in your world?

3. Make Your Facebook Ads Actually Address A Need Of Theirs

As much as I have talked about polarizing people to call out clients that I want to work with, understand that the advert must still talk to their needs.  For my audience, they want to grow their business so I make sure I mention that in the advert.

4. Tell Them What To Do Next

‘DOWNLOAD THE FREE PACK HERE’ is a call to action and truthfully, I could have made it even clearer by saying CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD…’ and that would have been even more specific as to what they needed to do.

Too many adverts pass through on my newsfeed with no obvious call to action.  People may like what they see but unless you tell them what to do now, you will find that you get less of a response.

5.  Tell Them What They Are Getting

As you can see, I make it very clear exactly what they are getting when they click on the advert so that can appeal to their self-interest.  If this is something they want, then they will click through and get it.

6.  Make Sure The Landing Page Is The Same

When people clicked on my advert, they saw the exact same image on the page they went to and that made them feel more convinced that they are in the right place.  Some of the text, as well, will be exactly the same.  This prevent click backs to Facebook if people feel uncertain that they are where they wanted to be.

7. Use Some Red In the Image

Red catches the eye so try to have some red or something really eye-catching in the title.

Facebook Ads8. Use A Face

In this one, I used my own face because the whole personal branding is soooo important!  Looking at the camera or looking towards the button you want them to click is best.

9. Ugly Adverts Can Work

This is what I consider an ugly advert because the image is not the best on the planet but because it is so ugly, it grabs attention.  I used this in my offline adverts as well for my property business – a blend of yellow, red and black was always guaranteed to get more response.

10. Personalisation on Facebook

This advert worked even with the very personal beginnign because on social media, people are there to socialize, not necessarily to be sold to.  That informal beginning possibly stood out from other adverts my prospects were so used to seeing.

11. Show The Reward

Well, I have shown you two adverts here, one with the actual thing they are getting and one with the idea of growth and both have worked really well to build up my mailing list.  Make your image tell people the result from signing up to it.  Do it blatantly or do it subtly.  Either works.


OK, remember to experiment and try and tweak until things work for you.

And if you want to brainstorm ideas for ads, come join us in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Group


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