How Do I Raise my self-esteem & self belief?  Here's 5 ways

As an entrepreneur, it feels like every single day you are called on to do something new and the temptation is just not to do anything at all!

It feels exciting to be on the path towards creating a life & business you love and at the very same time, it feels overwhelming to be on a strange path that no one you know has ever been on before (or so it seems)

And everyday, you find yourself fighting against the crazy voice in your head that keeps telling you that you cannot do it. It keeps telling you to stop and it gets to the point, for some, where you just cannot fight that voice anymore.

Being an entrepreneur means that you have this super huge vision and NO ONE understands it – Even the people you love. They try to support you but ultimately, they can’t understand why on earth you keep doing this thing!

And every so often, even YOU suddenly realize that you are committed to this vision, which at the moment, you are nowhere near. You start to think that all the time you are wasting on this thing could be just that… A waste of time!

And you start to lose faith in your ability to make it happen…

You start to think it is impossible…

You start to see what other people are seeing and it makes you feel scared!!!

The crazy voice is suddenly louder and you wonder if you are slightly deluded!

And this can be the point where people quit, this was the point where I quit many a time…

The truth is, business itself is pretty simple and straightforward regardless of what all the gurus would have you believe but then our heads/emotions/feelings get involved and all of a sudden, simple business strategies become really, really complicated. It seems too tough to keep doing the work when the physical evidence of success is not immediately evident.

So, then the question becomes how do I keep my self-belief up on days like this?

And here are a few thoughts on that…

1. Do what works consistently…

Take your emotion out of it and make it a system. Just consistently do the work regardless of how you feel because the results will come if you stick with it.

2. Realise that confidence is birthed out of the action you take…

A lot of people wait to feel confident before they take action and so progressively get less and less confident. Turn it on its head and take more and more action and as you get more and more results, you get confident.

3. Who are you hanging out with?

Yes, I know you have heard it time and time again and yet, the truth is, when you are feeling down and out, you will tend to go back to comfortable places which for you, could be the people who tell you to stop trying so hard. They tell you to relax, to stop being so tough on yourself and you are tempted – OH SO TEMPTED – to listen to them.

But that is the worst thing you can do if you are a person with purpose, calling and wanting to make a difference with your business…

Listen, right now, while you are not feeling too terrible, choose to build a useful tribe around you… A tribe of people who are headed in the same direction as you, who will inspire you to go through the darkness and people who will not allow you to believe your own nonsense.

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4. How do you start each day?

Every morning, we wake up and most people rush straight into the day whereas people who are really ready to step up their self-belief, know that the start of the day is particularly important in deciding how it all plays out.

And if you have day after day after day of rushing into the day without time to centre yourself and really take the time to figure out what you want to create that day then needless to say, you will be knocked back and forth by life – Up then down, then Up then down again and again and again. Not a great way to build your self-esteem!

Spend some time meditating, writing out your goals, tapping inot the power within you before you launch into the day. The busier you are, the more you need it.

5. Major in the major things of life

As Jim Rohn says, “Most people major in minor things, focus on the MAJORS of life”.

There are 4 key areas of life – Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality. As an entrepreneur, you may spend an incredible amount of time focused in on your wealth, sometimes to the detriment of all other areas of your life.

Do you remind yourself regularly why you do what you do? If it is just about the money, then yes, I can see why you may feel unfulfilled.

OR… you could believe so much in your product, your service and you could then tap into the fact that you are providing a useful service to the world by doing what you do. You can major in your service to the world, rather than just your needs.

You can major in being healthy because you have to keep your body going so you can provide your service to the world.

You can major in creating wealth for you and for others

You can major in spreading love to the people in your world.

You can major in tapping into your purpose, your calling, your mission which will work its way out through the work you do each day.

When you realize that what you do is not just about you then you realize your self-belief in some ways has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

All that matters is that you live in such a way that you have served people ANY WAY YOU CAN – even when you feel stupid doing what you do but you KNOW that you have something that can help people, that can help SOMEONE.

Even when no one gets what you are up to but you get through to ONE person whose life you change.


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