How Do I Know If I Am Being Scammed?

How do I know if I am being scammed

How do I know if I am being deceived?

I speak to a lot of people – These days, mostly online as I cannot fit everyone in (Thank God for social media! )

and this issue of whether something is a scam or not comes up time and time again.


“Should I start this business… it could be a scam?”

“Should I work with that coach, it could be a scam?”

“Should I read that book? It could be a scam!”

“Should I listen to that preacher man? It could be a scam!”

“That person is raking it in… It must be a scam”

“Jesus was poor so of course, what they are doing is a scam”

And on and on it goes…

And these days, I just smile at them and think…


“Well, there is another silly excuse not to do anything!”

“There is another reason to stop trusting your own spirit, your own instinct and another reason to stay trapped in a life you do not even like.”

But hey, to each their own. If you keep looking for something, I assure you that you will find it!

People hold back from taking the next step because they are scared they will be deceived. They are scared that others are holding something back from them and it is that hidden secret that is the key to their success in any area of life… whether it is their finances or spirituality or health or relationships or whatever.

And so they have learnt to distrust themselves waiting for a con artist to come take deceive them.

And I get it, I do.

I did that too for a long time.

I kept looking for a reason not to trust…

I kept looking for the reason to doubt because no one is trustworthy, right?

And I was not going to be taken for a fool.

So, I kept judging them and finding ‘THEM’ guilty and all the while, my life was not going anywhere. On the surface, I looked okay but I was stuck in limbo, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Except, honey, there is no fence to sit on.

You may think you are in limbo, waiting to make a decision but actually what is happening is that you are becoming less and less and less as you wait.

The rules of life are that you either move forward or you move back.

You either advance or you retreat.

There is no such thing as a choice-less existence.

You are always choosing even when you choose not to choose.

I discovered this the hard way…

And finally, when I hit rock bottom trying to work it all out myself, I did invest a HUGE sum of money…

Not in the mentor I had chosen to work with, though he physically received the money.

I invested that money in myself.

I made a choice to trust that I, not him, can make something good out of the investment and so I did!

Others on the same property investment course that I went on, moaned and groaned and complained, waiting for the magic solution.

Others stayed sitting on the fence, laughing at me, thinking I must be mad to invest the money I did not have, claiming that the shysters would never deceive them

And, well… they are still there now. A little more bitter, a little more broke, a lot more dissatisfied and time keeps ticking as they wait for something…

Who knows what?

The difference between us remains the fact that I am willing to invest in myself and turn any situation into an excellent one for me by DOING THE WORK!

I know that I will learn something from everything.


And I KNOW I can put that knowledge to work for me time and time again.

It is not dependent on the coach, the mentor, the pastor, my upline, the ‘whoever’. It is not dependent on anyone.


And frankly, if someone has even a little dab of information that will accelerate my progress, I do not mind paying huge sums for it.

Because it will pay off time and time again for me!

Because I DECIDE that it will.

And even if it actually, literally is ONLY a scam, I have found out quickly instead of sitting on the invisible fence waiting and hoping to figure ‘who knows what’ out!

There is no ‘figuring things out’ on the fence.

There is just procrastination, fear and time-wasting!

And time is the only thing I cannot replace.

Honey… Move, take an action, DO SOMETHING!

Stop waiting for perfection.

Your life disappears in front of your eyes while you do this.

And you wonder why you get nowhere fast.

Your doubts are putting you at a disadvantage. Actually, no… it is not your doubts – Even I, have those.

It is what you are choosing to do, as a reaction to your doubts, that is holding you back.

I would rather be the most naïve person alive and keep moving forward than the most ‘wise’ (cynical) person who never gets anything wrong but never actually gets anything done either!

I mean, seriously?!!!


Nothing, not even a scam artist, can stop you unless you let them!



It is time to fight for, create the life & business you want.

Much Love,

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