How Do I get More Traffic From Pinterest?

How Do I get more traffic from Pinterest?

OK, so recently I have decided to try harder with Pinterest to get more traffic to my site. People keep telling me that it works and so I am on a journey of discovery.

What do you think about pinterest?

How do you use it? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

OK, so this is what I have discovered so far…

 1. Use hashtags so that people can find you and your boards

It seems that hashtags are pretty useful on pinterest, just like they are on Twitter and Instagram. I guess that makes sense as there are over 70 million people on Pinterest – There needs to be a way to get their interest and hashtags are a pretty good way of making that happen.

 2. Post frequently

Again, people tend to think that you should post only once a day on social media. Well, I personally am of the opinion that your prospects use social media at different times in the day so why not post at different times in each day so that you get more people’s attention at various times of the day.

Finding a way to automate this may be the best way to go. I am yet to find a really good way to make this happen apart from using a virtual assistant or social media manager but that could just be a sign that I am not looking hard enough yet. I am more of a bulk user. I do a lot of pins at once and then disappear again. At the moment, I have the darling hubby helping me get a bit more regular about pinning things.

3. Set up at least 5 boards

Give them great descriptions that people may be searching for and make sure they are not just about your business. Remember that this is social media and so be social. Share a little something, something about yourself so that people can get to know the kind of person you are.

Some ideas for boards would be Fashion, Inspiration, Shoes (which woman does not like shoes! OK, so I like some of them, not all of them and I don’t much like shopping), Then add 2 more boards about your service and products. Go see what gurus in your niche are doing and get some ideas.

 4. Repin and Follow

Once you have something of a foundation in place, then get out there and see what others are up to. Follow them, repin their stuff and you will find that people do the same for you.

 5. Test, track, Monitor

Keep an eye on things for 10 – 15 minutes each day and monitor if you start to get any traffic to your site, which is a huge part of the goal, right? If you have physical products for sale, make sure some of your pins actually have prices on them and send them directly to the page where they can buy the stuff. Find a way to track how much of your income is coming from Pinterest and then you can do more of what works.

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