How Do I Figure Out The Best Online Business?

Have you been thinking that it would be pretty darned cool to work from home? And home being anywhere in the world?!

Most people go through life wishing and hoping that they will get the opportunity to do all the things they dream of doing some time before they die. In the meantime, they settle for other people’s definition of success. Even though that definition does not feel good… Still they keep going, keep believing that somehow it will get better…

Or more to the point, they give up on getting what they want ad it is such a pity!

You have the ability to create whatever you want out of your life and your business. If you decided not to go to work every again and concentrate on doing what you wanted to do, you would probably find that in a short amount of time, you started creating money any how you like but you do not believe me, do you?

You would rather believe someone who tells you that the best way to live life is to stay trapped in a life that is okay but slightly stifling!

Oh well, your choice!

If however, you are ready to consider another way, let me give you a few options… And then end by answering the question directly with my best answer for you.

Online Business ideas

  1. EcommerceFind a product you enjoy using or that you believe enough in to talk a lot about and set yourself up on and you are away. Start telling everyone everywhere about your product and invite them to partake of it.

    OK, so it is not always that easy to get people to the site but it could be. If you are selling a product people like and you get the wording right so people start to discover you on the internet AND YOU STAND OUT instead of being a boring wall flower then it is pretty awesome the traction you can generate.

    You do have to start!

  2. Network Marketing

    Not the boring way of having to call cold lists and warm lists and all that jazz. You can use the power of social media and the internet to generate leads, to show up as the awesome person you are and to have fun while building of team around you that get you and that fires you up.
  3. Affiliate Marketing 

    Sell someone else’s product without ever really seeing it. Of course, you can review it so that you know it is actually a great product or service and then generate leads who might also be interested in the item.Get really good at attracting people on to your mailing list and then let rip with some powerful emails that invite them to take advantage of your offer.

  4. Become an Author 

    Have you always dreamt of making a living as a writer? We live in a day and age where it is possible, oh so possible to create a living doing exactly what you love to do.You no longer have to wait to be discovered.

    You no longer have to send out those manuscripts, hoping and praying that someone publishes you (unless you want to, of course)

    These days, you need to build an audience and write, write, write.

    You can then create your own success, your own platform all by yourself.

  5. Information Marketing 

    Practically the same as the author thing. You just put what you know in a simple format for others to learn and you teach them. Again, it is all about the relationship with people who are interested in what you have to offer.Start now to grow that audience.


OK, there are five of the best online businesses and yet, the real important thing to consider is that the best online business for you is the one you want to do. Whichever business you choose, you will have to put in a lot of effort and time to make it work at the start so choosing something that makes you happy is key!

What on earth would be the point of doing something that just replaces your old job but does not add to your freedom or fulfillment.

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