Lots of beauticians, beauty consultants and beauty shop owners ask me this question and usually, my first question back to them is “What are you doing currently to attract more clients to your beauty salon?

Unfortunately, the answer is usually nothing!

They tried a few things and when it did not work the way they expected, they fell back on ‘word of mouth’ but then they discover that their business is slowly but surely starting to lose money as they get less and less busy.

Such a pity!

There are a few difficulties with being both the provider of the service and the marketer of the service because in this case, it is a very hands on service and so entrepreneurs in this realm do not tend to give enough priority to the growing of their business.

This leads to the business getting stagnant and sometimes, just not making any money at all.

And this is the thing… I feel you beauty people have something awesome to offer the world because you make people feel good – However you do not get to do that service if you do not market your business appropriately.

I remember working with a beauty consultant privately who had big ideas of setting up a beauty school as well as growing her shop and in the end, she stepped back from the work we were doing to gether because she felt she had no time to give to it.  Such a pity because we were creating plans to take on new consultants and how to streamline things so that she was the leader in her business rather than just another service-provider.  There was so much scope for her business because she was a big dreamer.  Unfortunately, she went the way of comfort which was a pity.

And I see so many other business owners in the same shoes – They love the service so much or more to the point, get worried about recruiting others to do the work because of money concerns and so the business just slowly but surely, gets smaller and they are not able to keep up with the new things happening in the industry and so their big ideas die with them.

Listen, like every other business out there, you need to do three things every day and you must find time to do it.

  1. Increase your audience

This can mean having a Facebook business page that you are advertising so that more people come onto it and then get them off FB and onto your own mailing ist.  You MUST have a mailing list that you are daily building up – Automate this process – think of a free giveaway or a discount voucher to offer people who sign up to your list.

2. Daily tell them what you are about

Why are you in business for yourself?  What is the big idea?  Does anyone know this?  Do the people who work in your business know it?  NO, then don’t expect them to stick around for anything other than the money you pay them.  Tell your prospects on your FB page what you are about and why you do what you do and ways that they can improve their beauty.  Do quick mini videos, show your beauty salon, get testimonials from happy clients and put on your FB page EVERY DAY that you work…  And then invite them to join your mailing list so that you can then send them articles of interest and tell them about special offers and reasons for them to come get their beauty attended to in your store.

3. Tell them What To Buy and How

Every day, on your FB page, make an offer to new clients and to returning clients.  Every day make it exciting for people to come into your business.  Give them a reason to come buy from you and not all the other beauticians out there.  Give it a funky name – the treatment you are going to offer them.  Let me emphasize, MAKE IT EXCITING!  Make sure you have a telephone number they can reach you on and if you know that everyone will be too busy to answer the phone, get an answering service in place.  Hire a virtual PA to take your calls and set up a system where you only pay per call unless it would be cheaper to do it another way and make sure you return the calls and book in the appointments in a timely manner.

If you make a point of doing these three things each and every day, your business will grow.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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