For a long time, I was enamoured with the physical reality.

It made sense, right?!

It makes sense to look at what was happening in the physical and react to it, right?!

So, things would happen to me in life and I’d react to those things

And then more things happened and I felt I had to respond to THOSE things

And on and on it went, with nothing much changing except I was getting more and more frustrated with life.  I felt I had less and less time & money to do the things I truly wanted to do because everything was focused on solving immediate problems.

How on earth could I do the things that were most important to me when I had no time and no money?  And also when I had all this immediate drama to handle.

I could have kept living that way and I would have just kept getting what I was getting, just like most people do.  Thank the Divine for bankruptcy, 4 years of depression and the 3 precious princesses.

I woke the heck up and started doing what I felt called to do, regardless of what the physical reality was doing.

And yes, it was scary.

I felt like I had no anchor for a while until I realised where to place my focus.

And even now when I am uplevelling, I feel again like I have no anchor until I remember again where my true comfort zone is – THE DIVINE, not the physical reality.

So tell me, are you forever doing the ‘sensible’ thing of reacting to the immediate needs when you actually want the uncommon, extraordinary life of fulfilment, freedom, love and financial abundance.

When will you finally realise that you cannot get to an amazing life while paying so much attention to the physical reality as it is, right now, in your experience.

You have to focus on the vision

You have to focus on the limitless nature of the Divine

You need to change your focus, my love.

And yes, it will feel like you are flying blind and we humans are addicted to feeling CERTAIN all the time about everything even though it is obvious that there is so much more happening than we truly understand.

Honey, WAKE UP!

You claim to be spiritual

You claim to believe you are supported by something bigger than you

So why then do you keep acting as though the physical reality has all the power and you are just a victim of it?

Please WAKE UP!

There is so much more available to you but you will never get there while your focus is solely on the physical.

Focus on the Vision, Focus on the Divine – Stop allowing the physical reality to keep you trapped in the underground of your life – a place of noise, drama and nonsense.

You are meant for more but you have got to claim it.

Come, if you know you are meant to help others with your skills, wisdom, natural gifts, stories and experiences, then I can support you in bringing it all to life or growing what you have already started.

The 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is open for a few days – Come join in now at

Stop wasting time in a life you no longer adore

Stop living as though financial restriction and unfulfillment is the only option.

The choice is yours


The Divine will not force you to change direction though opportunities to advance will be presented to you.

This is one of those opportunities

Go now and join in before the doors close again and the price rises.

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