Life is happening all around you and it gets so hard to get your mind to slow down.  There are all kinds of things happening to you, some good, some bad and all the time, your mind is jumping from here to there, thinking a little of this and then a little of that.

YOU, the real you, as though separate from your mind, is trying to silence the words in your head, the ones telling you that your dreams are impossible, the ones telling you that it is deluded to think that you can change your life, the ones telling you that you will never make the money you want to make and it is easy to give in and listen.

It is easy to think that because you hear the words in your own mind that it must be true.

It is easy to want to lie down and just stop, take a break and pretend that you want less than you want.

Or maybe, you are not even aware of any of this.

You think you are a positive person with no issues in the recesses of your mind.

And so you go through life completely oblivious to the negativity that reigns in your head and that controls what you allow yourself to do.  It is time to wake up, friend.

There is work to do.  You are called to something bigger than this small version of yourself so com’on now, step it up.

How do you do this?

Here are a few strategies for you.

  1.  Be awarePut your hand in front of your face and stare intently at one of your fingers until you start to feel the blood pouring into that finger.  Maybe, you will have to imagine it to start with as you learn to still yourself by focusing on one part of your body.  This has the added benefit of getting you back in control of your head as you force it to focus on one part of your body specifically.

    The longer you do this, the more focus and intent you get and peace begins to flow within you as you take back control of your thinking.

  2. Journal it all out
    Do you normally keep a journal?  I do and I find it to be a great outlet for my inner craziness.  When I start to feel overwhelmed and overtaken by the nonsense, I turn to it to write things out, to get them out of my mind and to see the lies for what they are.I personally tend to have a two-way conversation with God where I express myself and listen in for answers but maybe, you do not believe like I do and in that case, you can just use your journal as a way to get clear.  The longer you write, the clearer you get.  OF course, you cannot write forever, at some point, you have to step out into the world and…
  3. Serve someone
    When you take the focus off of you and your issues and instead, focus on the fact that you know you have a solution for people.  You do not always know how to get that solution across and sometimes, that is the cause of the incessant negative voice in your head.  Instead of over-thinking how to do perfect marketing, just connect with someone, anyone, any old how.So what, if you do not get it right all the time.  Taking some kind of action in the direction of your goal and in alignment with your purpose will mean that you are one step closer regardless of the nonsense going on in your head.  And someone out there is happier as a result of you being here – the fact that you were able to impact someone else in some way is agreat way to make yourself feel a little more positive about what you are about.
  4. Focus in on your breathingThis is another way to centre yourself and reset your head.  To start with, you may need to do this time and time and time again where you deliberately listen to yourself breathe and you focus intently on it.  The sound of the breath as it leaves your body and the come back in, the feel of it on the roof of your mouth or nostrils and the awareness that you are alive in this moment.

    There is ope in the fact that you are alive because anything can happen in the next moment.  SOmething good could happen, regardless of where your thoughts have been up to this moment.  Deliberately choose to breathe in abundance, happiness and love and breathe out all negativity.

  5. You always do the best you can
    Some of the thoughts in your head will be to do with guilt about what you feel you should have done, how much time you have wasted and so on and so forth.  You must realise that in that moment, you dd the best you knew to do.  Hindsight is a fine thing and it is easy to judge your ofrmer self with the knowledge and information you have now but where does that get you?  Nowhere at all.The past is the past.  Forget it.

    Step into a new and improved future with the knowledge and awareness you have now.  Forgive yourself and move forward.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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