How Can I Sell & Create Wealth With My Skills, Experience, Story?

How can I create wealth with what I knowSo, you know what you know but you don’t know how to tell other people what you know and ask them to buy it from you!

Does that make any sense?

I hope so because it is exactly where you keep getting stuck, isn’t it? You keep wondering how to make money from what you know and you want a career, or preferably a business, that enables you to make money doing something you actually like. You have experience, information, skills and you have even gotten some results with all of it and yet, no one really knows what you do.

It feels easy to sell yourself when no one is paying you anything but when you have to tell them exactly what you do and ask for money to do it…

You get quiet.

You hide away.

You pretend that what you know has no value and so…

You stay hidden and all that great stuff inside of you goes to waste.

And if you are unfortunate, you stay broke.

And if you are even more unfortunate, you stay doing work that does not fire you up. You remain safe and secure in a life that you do not even want to live anymore.

Surely, there is another way?

Surely, there is a way to get your message out into the world without selling your soul?

And here are two things to help you make it so.

  1. Forget what anyone thinks of you

    Tell the truth now…

    How much of your delay is because you are worried that someone out there is going to think less of you?

    As is always the case, the people in your life have put you in a box – You are a techie, you are a professional this or that, You do things this way or that way and the moment you try to break free of that box, they start to scream out for you to return to being the person they knew or you think they will and so you keep being fake.

    You keep allowing your dreams to die within you and it does not feel good, does it?

    Are you ready to be done with that?

    Because you are the only one who gets to live your life, not them.

    And the truth is, no one thinks of you as much as you think they do so why care so much? Look inside of yourself, believe in yourself and make a choice about who you now choose to be. Forget the naysayers and the people who box you up and CHOOSE YOURSELF, your real self.

    Time is ticking away – Use it to satisfy the desires within you. You are more likely to serve people when you are being your authentic self.

  2. It may come easy to you but…

    When you have been doing something for so long, you forget how long it took you to learn everything that needed to be learnt in order to do what you do. You forget all the time you still spend getting better and more informed at what you do. You start to think everyone knows how to do it.

    If you want to create a business supporting other people in getting results with something that is now commonplace to you, start by asking people how you can help them and pay attention to the answers they give you.

    Make a commitment to help someone everyday and make note of exactly what kind of help they asked for. You may find that it is a lot more basic than you originally realised.

    What you know has become second nature to you, you do not realize just how much you know.

    Just today, I was trying to explain to my darling hubby everything I needed him to do when it came to my Facebook advertising and I realized that having spent years learning, implementing, making mistakes, getting things right, I now knew soooo much more than the regular person just getting started.

    Even I forget how overwhelming it felt in the beginning. Now, I just go in there and get it done but for someone who does not know what they are doing, it may be so overwhelming that they choose not to start at all. They dither and avoid instead of getting stuck in and so they get no results.

    What can you show people in an easy manner that will get them results? The best way is to ask people what they want to learn and find a way to teach them. Can you do that? Don’t be so caught up in the ‘HOW CAN I MONETIZE THIS?’ and then you lose track of the “HOW CAN I HELP?”.

    When you only focus on the money, you think you have nothing that can help. When you focus on the people, you see that there is a lot of things that you can help other people with.


And when you combine these two thoughts together…

That is, you stop worrying about what people think and you start serving people by asking them what they want and giving it to them…

You will be surprised about how much you have to offer the world and who knows, you could even become supremely rich at doing it too!

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