woman-690036There is nothing more demotivating than writing your heart out and then realising that no one is paying any attention to it at all.  The gurus tell you to write and write and write because content marketing is all the rage but yet, no matter how much you write, select keywords/keyphrases and so on and so forth and you have tried and tried and it is just not working yet.

It feels frustrating! so frustrating!

I have been there and frankly, I still want more reach!  But, hey, you are reading this so something I am doign is working, right?

What do you do to promote blog posts?

Here are a few ideas for you.

1. Share the post on Facebook in Full

In order to get some attention for your writings, it may be best to put your full post onto Facebook so that people can read it there in the safety of their Facebook feed.  For whatever reason, people get a little territorial and do not want to be taken away from the blue platform and so it may be easier to start with, keep them on the platform and share your post there.

Ask for comments, shares, likes (nicely).  If you do not have a substantial Facebook page yourself, then it is best to use Facebook groups.  That way, you are exposing your writings to an audience someone else has built.  Don’t be rude or spammy about it, obey the rules of the group and make relationships and share your full posts.

2. Use a Content Discovery Platform

I use something called outbrain from time to time to ramp up the reach of my blogs and then I have remarketing pixels planted all the way through my site which means that I can remarket to anyone who has read a blog post on my site.  Places like Outbrain allow you to spend as little as $10 a day and you get better priced clicks from Outbrain than you do from Facebook.

Ultimately, it is the remarketing pixel, I am looking to get as I am then building an audience which I have access to later from a different platform.

3. Repurpose Your Content

Try never to only use a blog post once.  I still do because I create a lot of stuff.  However, if you are only writing a blog post a week then for goodness sake, get everything you can out of it.  Record yourself reading it out and upload to soundcloud.  Can you convert it into a slideshow by creating a presentation of it?  And then you can upload it to slideshare and then record your screen as you talk over the slides and hey presto! You have a video.  Upload that to YouTube.

4. Don’t limit yourself

What is your preferred way of communicating with your audience?  You do not have to write if you do not want to, you know?  You may find that your way of communicating is fine and a lot more natural to you and then it becomes easier to spread the word because you believe in the way you are doing it.  I personally like to write and in terms of getting the attention of the search engines, it is best to transcribe any other form into some words, but other than a preference, there is no reason for you to stick with writing.  You just have to communicate with your readers in some way every day!

And if you want to learn how to put blog posts together in 15 minutes or less then pop on over and avail yourself of the free business growth pack which contains a report on writing quick, useful blog posts.  Get it at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/toolkit

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