Every day, you wake up and do what you have always done.

Every day, you wake up with a groan or excitement depending on what the day holds for you.  The thing is, that it is all external stimulus that makes you excited or depressed.

You have to go to a job that pays well but does not fire you up – Groan

You get to work on the business you started to get you out of the job – Excitement

You have to work on the busines you started because some guru person convinced you it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and now you find it is no better than the job you are trying to leave (or left) – Groan

You are off on holiday with your family – Excitement

It is the weekend – Excitement, no work

It is Monday – Boo… Groan

And so on and so on it goes. It is all external and you keep trying to find new things to light you up but…

There is a part of you that knows that this is an incomplete way of living and so, every so often, you feel opened up inside to the fact that there is more to you than meets the eye but you are worried that if you look, you might not like what you find.  So you stop looking.  And you go back to external stimuli.

But you are an aware type of person so you cannot stay unaware for long – The need to ‘find myself’ begins to grow and grow inside of you and it affects everything.

Until finally you give in.

You have to figure it out and so you go too far the other way and stop everything so you can discover yourself, be yourself, FIND yourself and still it all seems so elusive.

You cannot find yourself by stopping and waiting for revelation. And you cannot find yourself without some form of reflection. So, you need a blend of both.

Sometimes, it comes out of just realising what you do not like.

You experience a job you do not like so now you know that that job is not a part of who you choose to be and what you choose to experience.  In order to stop it being completely external, you take some time to figure out what exactly abou tit is something you no longer want.  You find yourself by figuring out what you are not in your external experiences.

You experience a relationship, it seems like fun at the start and then you realise that it is no longer great – It gives you a groan on the inside.  And you get deliberate about figuring out what exactly about it, is giving you the groan and in doing that, you find yourself in what you are not. In what you do not want any longer.

Do you understand?

To start with, you find out who you are by realising who you are not.

And then you go further and you get even more deliberate, you ask yourself “what brings me great joy?”

Take a moment to really tap into what exactly makes you feel happy and good.  Create more of those experiences.  Reduce the ones that don’t make you happy.

Let everything you do become something that allows you experience more of what you want.  It will take some time and you may have to break a few ties and question a few beliefs about what you are allowed to do and to create.

But it is all worth it when you realise that you make the most impact on the world when you truly be you and choose to find yourself and the work you are called to do.

Let me ask you this “Are you allowed to feel good and have life go really well all the time?”

I hope you can honestly say yes to that but examine your answer.

One of the reasons you may not have found yourself so far is probably because a part of you thinks it is too much to expect things to go well all the time?  Why is that?  Why do things have to go ‘not-so-well’?

Remember this, if you choose to fight for things to go up and down because that is all you think you can get, then you will keep that.  That is exactly what you will get.

OK, a few things to consider here in the quest to find yourself – Get a journal and start to explore yourself and why you do not like what you don’t and why you do like what you do.  Keep taking action and allowing yourself new experiences and get clear as you move forward.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

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