I want to shake you!

To shake the nonsense out of your head!

At heart, I am still that 20 something girl that SLAPPED my anorexic friend in the face, trying to shake her free of her mental craziness.

I get soooooo annoyed at times…

SO ANNOYED when I see what you are doing to yourself…

But because I am me, I cannot help but see that I either used to do the very same stuff or I am STILL doing it all right now…

Holding myself back with the same sad old stories

Telling myself that something out there has control over what I do or do not do

Except I mostly catch myself now

Or I thankfully have a support system in place with a coach able to tell me when I am indulging self-deception

Let me be that coach for you today


And it is ALL a story!

A story that empowers you

Or a story that disempowers you

Most people choose the disempowering story and fall in love with it, as though it is true

But it is not.

Let me get specific.

This morning, I have watched people hold themselves back in 2 specific ways…

1) The “I cannot afford it.  I don’t have money” story

Honey, if you hear those words coming out of your mouth, whack yourself upside the head!

You are disempowering yourself!

And you are keeping yourself stuck no matter how true you may think it is.

You DO HAVE money!

the fact that you are here reading this thing, tells me that you have money…

You are choosing what you do with that money and there ain’t nothing wrong with that but please do not make yourself a victim of money by telling yourself a sad story of how you cannot afford things.



That is a more empowering story.

When your children ask for something – Stop saying “I cannot afford that” and getting all angry because you now feel like a bad parent that is broke and unable to give them things and instead say “No” and if they ask why “I choose not to buy it now” or some other powerful response where you are making a choice about what to do with the money you have.

When you see something you want to buy, stop telling yourself “I cannot afford it” and please stop telling me that too…

Realise that you can buy it, if you choose to

But right now, you are choosing to prioritize other things


There is everything wrong with making yourself some kind of victim that cannot afford things and does not have money.

YOu may think that it is just a play on words but it is not.

You are either deliberately designing your life

Or you are a victim of circumstances beyond your control and therefore a victim.


2. The “I am Christian. When you say ‘spiritual’, is it okay for me to do?” story…


I used to do that so much

And now I see just how much Papa tried to answer my prayers, put me on the narrow path and help me move forward but then my own freaking fear and sad story, kept me trapped.

I was so controlled by dogma and static teaching that I did not even realise how stuck I was.

Opportunities came my way to expand, to grow, to be more and yet, I turned my back on them because some person, somewhere had told me that if people use the word “Spiritual”, then it was all new age and to be avoided fiercely.

The thing is that that person did not teach me how to tap into my good.

That person did not teach me how to build my faith

They told me that prosperity was my divine right but no real instruction on how to avail myself of it.

Except to sit and beg and plead with the heavens about it.

Except to play small and ignore my own divinely given power to design my life because hey, God would be offended if I truly owned who I was, if I truly owned all the gifts He had created me with.

They just told me how to think and I went along with it, like a sheep.  And I probably even congratulated my sheep-like ways!

It was not until I started to question things and GO STRAIGHT TO SOURCE that I realised just what true freedom meant.

Anyway, I ain’t here to tell you what to think

I AM HERE to get you to question things

To get you to stop being so scared of anything that was not mentioned by your pastor!

To get you to be really truly honest with yourself about the lack of prosperity in your life, even though you have obeyed all the rules.

To open up to the fact that maybe, just maybe, God is trying to get your attention.

And to ask Him to speak with you, rather than just listening to me or any other person.

Anyway, that is my rant for today…

I try to be gracious but it hurts my heart to see people in this community holding themselves back from their good.

We are called to be lights in the world

We are called to be love in the world

We desire to make a difference in a bigger bolder way

We desire to make the world more glorious and beautiful

And we desire to live an awesome life

So, please stop allowing money and religion keep you from your good?

None of those things are supposed to boss you around

They are supposed to be a resource for you

RISE UP and take your place as deliberate designer of your own awesome life!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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