Holding on to Hope

By November 12, 2012November 14th, 2014Writing

Oh, I so wanted this day to end on a high note.  I met these potential tenants for my property and they had been looking forward to seeing it all day.  I too had been looking forward to meeting them as I loved their story.  (Yes, Tloml said I should not make any of it personal!)  However, when dealing with people, it is hard not to get personal when you hear stories of miscarriages and then after all hope  is lost, they get a miracle child.  I love such stories.

Well, it was nice to meet them.  They unfortunately changed their mind in the end.

It is however a very powerful story – I love stories of hope.  I probably mentioned it when talking about the Dark Knight.  That was the thing about the film that I loved the most.  The first part of it, in fact most of the movie, takes all hope away and then just when it seems to be all over, The Dark Knight rises.  I loved it.  He brought hope to the people of Gotham.

Hope is such a powerful emotion.  I remember feeling sooooo hopeless when my father passed away.  So many unresolved issues, so many things I wished I had said that now felt incomplete.  I would never know him properly and he would never know me. That was a dark time. I remember going into a church and listening to a guy preach about hope.  Suddenly, I felt the tears pouring out of my eyes.  You know when you hear something that sounds like they are speaking only to you.  I had not realised until then that I had lost all hope of feeling better. That was a turning point.  I remembered again that all hope was not lost.  I was alive and I could go on to fight another day and so the journey towards emotional healing began and still continues.

Hope for the future, hope for a BETTER future is a vital part of life.  Without it, what on earth is the point of anything we do.

What do you hope for?  What do you dream about?  What unfulfilled hopes do you have?  How can you turn things around?

This is one guy’s efforts to return hope to his country after a devastating natural disaster. I hope you like it.

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