Everytime, you ignore the cry of your heart, you are dishonouring yourself…

Everytime, you put down your own dreams in favour of following someone else’s plan that does not fill your heart with delight, you are dishonouring yourself.

I did it.

For years, I did it.

Followed the plan of others…

“Go to school, then university then postgraduate studies…

Get the good job

Keep climbing the ladder

Do the stuff you dream about on the side or ignore it as childish fantasies.”

There were even plans for who I was to wed…

“Find someone with good prospects

Someone who could take care of me and any children we had

Learn to cook and clean and be a good African girl so that a nice, older African man will take care of you and not beat you…

Maybe even turn a blind eye to his philandering ways while you are at it.”

And plans for my religion

“Tick all the boxes

Stay in one church

Give your time to the pastor and serve his/her vision

Do not go to hell, whatever you do!!!!”

There were all kinds of plans

For all areas of my life

And I kinda tried to fit right in

But I have always been the rebellious type

I never could go along with it all

I always had questions

Questions that people could not answer

Questions they tried to tell me not to ask

I just needed to put my head down and go along with everything and then things would go well for me…

But I was not honouring myself…

And things did not FEEL like they were going well

And I suppose I could have just assumed that it would all play out well in the end

But that was too much of a risk to take!

I started to realise that this was MY LIFE!

Potentially, MY ONE LIFE!

And I could live it to rules others had for me

OR I could go direct to Source, seek guidance


I choose everyday to honour myself…

to silence the voices of other people in my mind and seek only that of the Divine and my own desires

I choose everyday to HONOUR MY DESIRES

To figure out a way to bring my dreams to life

to remove from my life andything and anyone who tries to stifle me by telling me the way things HAVE TO be…

And instead, I go deep within myself and see what I truly desire and I choose to create it.


Will you begin to honour you?

Will you begin to put your own desires first?

Do you not see yet, that you cannot make the difference you want to make, while you try so hard to obey the rules others set for you?

The truth is, YOU DO KNOW THAT!

You have felt wrong for a while

You have felt like life is just not the way you thought it would be, by now…

But you keep trying to tell yourself to put up with it

That at some point, things will change


Things do not just change by themselves…

YOU are the creator of your life experience and if you do not like it, then honour yourself enough to CHANGE IT!

Do the inner work and the outer work

Work with someone to support you in making the hard decisions


You are no doormat

You are powerful creator.

Stop waiting for a saviour and get to saving yourself now.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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