For so long, I dishonoured myself…

I allowed myself to be pulled in this sensible seeming direction and then the other…

I became pharmacist even though I knew it was not what I really wanted to do but it seemed reasonable and a good salary

I went to various churches that told me that i could not do the things I wanted to do because I was a female and I needed to humble my big ideas or else, I would end up in hell.

I even started the wrong business – real estate – because it seemed like a sensible business to create that would make me money.  Everyone would always need housing, right?!

All the while, I knew what I wanted for my life but I disregarded myself and favoured everyone else’s opinion on what would likely bring me success.

Thankfully, The Divine kept whispering truths to me.

And finally, I listened.

This is the thing, true prosperity can only happen when you are being true to yourself

I looked the part of success at home, at work, at church but inside, I KNEW something was not right.

In fact, most of my life was off-course.

But it looked good.

Inside, I experienced a permanent sadness, a low-level depression.

That became my norm until finally, I surrendered and began to honour myself.

My path looks like no one else’s and that is okay.

It just takes courage to get on path and stay on path

It takes bravery to drop the dogma, traditions and cultural norms you have been brought up with

You may lose friends, I certainly have.

But you will be closer to Source and as you stay on path, you prosper.

Financially too, if you choose to allow it!  (Some spiritual people find the money side of things difficult and so they do not allow themselves to receive it)

Life feels right when you honour your calling.

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Much Amazing Love


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