Stop playing at this.

Stop wimping out.

If you claim to have faith, HAVE FAITH!

Act like it.

Stop stopping everytime it gets a little tough.

Stop whining every time something does not go EXACTLY the way you wanted it to.

THIS IS A FAITH WALK, not a ‘believe only after you see it’ walk.

It takes courage.

It takes relentlessness.

It takes resilience.

It takes tenacity.

We all have these things.

So, are you going to wimp out or keep moving towards your vision?

The world is littered with spirit-driven souls who gave up when the physical reality did not change as fast as they wanted it too. THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT GET THE VISION.

Who will you be?


Imagine a farmer planting assed and picking it out of the soil every 3 seconds – Will that seed ever grow?


You plant it, you water it and keep watering it until the harvest comes.

YOU DO THAT IN FAITH even when you do not see any fruit yet.

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All you need to do is listen.

Your faith levels will grow so that you can STAND STRONG!

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Much Amazing Love

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