Do you ever get tired of listening to those people that boast of some – something they did a long time ago? And yet, no recent wins!

I mean it is nice to hear it the first time but when nothing new is happening, you stop listening, right?!

Wondering when they will shut up and go do something new, right?! Unless it is your grand dad or something telling you his war stories and then you smile and humour him 😀

These people are history talkers, not history makers!

And you know what, that used to be me!

Once upon a time, I woke up to the fact that every single win of mine was in the distant past…

That somehow, my life had come to a complete standstill and every single day was simply more of the same…

I had tried to embrace my role as parent but I was bored…

My money was getting worse, not better, even though I had gone bankrupt not all that long before…

My dreams and visions were in tatters…

I had sold all my personal development books because all that good stuff happened to others, not to me…

I was procrastinating on everything…

Telling myself I had no time…

Telling myself that I was waiting for God to speak and tell me my next move…

Watching other people live the life I longed for and wondering when my time would come…

I knew I was born for more than this…

Depression was my friend, as was fear…

And I was also considerably fatter too!

And finally I made a decision to win.

I made a decision that this could not be where my story ended…


And decided to make history!

Are you ready to wake up yet?

Or are you still buying into your own sad story?

I was so addicted to my identity of victim that I did not even notice what was happening to me…

I was petrifying…

Are you petrifying?

You have had some successes but then you hit a ceiling and you cannot seem to break through…

And part of you even wonders if you are actually born for the win that you imagine…

Maybe you are deluded, you think to yourself…

Maybe you are just an odd loon that does not fit in with anyone, you wonder!

And so you procrastinate and make it more and more of a reality, that you are in fact, a history talker not a history maker.

I got done with that!

I decided I wanted it all and I was going to get it all!

And so, I worked with coaches and mentors…

They helped me do the internal work

And the external work

I make history now

I don’t just talk!

Are YOU done yet?

Are you ready to face every hold back?

Are you ready to handle the backlash of being so powerful that you don’t even notice that you are carrying VERY HEAVY burdens from your past and they are slowing you down no end?

Like me, you have overcome more than the average person and you are still standing which is great!

But if you want more impact, more money and to feel great about yourself again, then honey, you have to DEAL with your internal nonsense!

You cannot avoid it forever!

To become someone who makes history, you need to release the parts of the past that no longer serve you…

Are you willing?

Is your calling worth it?

Are the people you are called to serve worth it to you to do the deep internal work and release all identity that you may feel with the past?

Are you ready to be free?

To have a renewed intimacy with your Higher Power?

To have a life that changes other people’s lives with your strengths?

Maybe it is those books you want to write, or music, art…

Or maybe it is those products, services you want to deliver to your people…

Maybe it is the ministry you feel called to…

Whatever it is, you are gonna have to do BOTH the internal and the external work to get there…

And stop looking at all those other people who seem to create what you want so easily, compared to you!

You have more to overcome and so NO, YOU are not the same as they are!

You are YOU and you need something different…

Something more powerful

Something that will challenge you to look deeper inside and to pull the nonsense out into the light so that you can be free.

Are you willing?

Message me now if you are an action taker ready to smash through to the next level in business and life for you. HISTORY MAKER PRIVATE MENTORING PROGRAM IS HERE

There is no more time to live the wrong life.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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