11 habits of highly successful people

Highly successful

Everyone wants to be highly successful and anyone who disagrees is just talking about semantics. Some want success in money, some want it in fulfillment, most want a blend of both.   Ultimately, everyone wants to be highly successful in some way or the other.

Though we all define it differently, there are some habits that seem to be common to highly successful people. Here are 11 of them…

1. They know what they want and they go after it

Crystal clear clarity is an absolute must if you want to be highly successful. Too many people talk a good game about all the stuff they think they are going to do in their lifetime and yet, they never really get stuck in and actually commit to doing the work and so they fall by the wayside, full of dreams but no actual follow through.

Highly successful people are incredibly focused on what they want and even when they are not thinking about it actively, most of their actions keep taking them towards their goals because they have got that clear vision that means their actions follow their dream.

What of you? Do you know what you want and what to do to create it?

Consider writing down your vision of your future starting now and then put strategies in place to get there.

2. They are grateful

I am someone who has always found it too easy to focus on what I do not have and as a result, though I did ok, I never seemed to be satisfied or even get to the dizzy heights that I know I was capable of. You will always attract more of what you do not want – It is just the way it goes.

You want more good stuff, you have to be so thankful for the good stuff you currently have.

3. They know their personality type and they follow their strengths

Do you know your strengths or do you see what one successful person is doing and leave everything to copy that? And then, in just another few days, you see something else another successful person is doing and off you go, running after that idea.

Needless to say, that gets you nowhere.

What are you good at? What comes naturally to you? It may not be awe-inspiring but it is your thing and it is exactly the thing that will get you the results you want. Try it CONSISTENTLY and see…

More even than that, following your strengths will make your business fun to do. Starting up a business is not easy and when you try to be someone other than yourself, you make it even harder. If you are going to work hard anyway, why not work hard at something you enjoy.

Makes sense, right?

Come join us in the Deliberate millionaire (rosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberate-millionaire) where we are super determined to create wealth using our strengths.

4. They wake up early

OK, I know some people say they work equally well both morning and night but I find that hard to believe.

The chances are, you work better in the morning. And also, you get the time to quietly reflect on what you want to create and on what you have already created and get yourself in the right mindset for success if you wake up a little earlier than your household.

So far, I have not found anyone who does not work better in the first few hours after waking up – but of course, as I mentioned in the last point, check it out for yourself and play to your own strengths.

I am open to being wrong… Are you?

5. They do not focus on the nonsense

We live on a planet with a whole lot of other humans who persist, sometimes, in creating drama that we do not want in our own life. Well, what can you do? You can stress out about it or you can set some boundaries and get on with things anyway.

There is always someone or something trying to take you off course and the highly successful people are not immune to this. They just refuse to get distracted or focused on it. In some ways, they have their heads in the clouds and nothing can interrupt their ideas of what is possible for them.

So while most people keep getting caught up in one drama or another, these highly successful people just keep moving forward. They may be called selfish, deluded or some other worse name but they just keep stepping.

And I have found that most of the regular people then come wanting to align with the successful in the end – The very same people causing all the drama suddenly find your way of doing things to be pretty cool when you stay focused on your plan.

So, don’t lose your focus.

6. They know when they need help

To be highly successful, you must realize that you cannot be a jack-of-all-trades. (You can be multi-passionate but some parts of running your business or life will come easier to you than others)

This has been a biggie for me because I am inclined to think I do everything too well to allow anyone else access to me or my work, but all that does is slow me down.

For instance, I can put my thoughts together in 20 minutes or so but then putting it on Facebook, my wordpress site, getting the image done and all of that stuff takes at least twice the amount of time and yep, it is tedious. In that time, I could have created another message or two that would call my people into the Deliberate Millionaire (rosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberate-millionaire) meaning I can serve more people and I increase my income – Even as I type this… I am reminded again of how much time I waste trying to do all things myself.

So, hey, do you know anyone who is good at graphics, wordpress etc? Send them my way, you hear!

Where do you need to get assistance in your own business or maybe, even your life? I have a wonderful girl Friday as I call her who takes care of my home and my kids at regular times in the week – Who helps you out so you can get on and do your best work while you are still alive?

7. They enjoy hanging out with the right people

Highly successful people know that to keep on track, you just cannot spend too much time with people who do not have success on the brain. OR else, you get dragged into dramas and nonsense and ultimately, you get distracted.

I am always amazed at how much effort people go to, in order to make sure their kids are educated in the right schools. They sometimes even go to great lengths to move house or even rent another house in the area that the school serves.

And yes, I get it is about the education but it is also about the connections their kids will make.

However, they do not give themselves the same regard – OH NO!

They think they are past peer pressure… Even though, they are not.

The people closest to you will determine your income level for sure! So, start paying attention to who you spend the most time with and get deliberate about it.

Again, The Deliberate Millionaire (rosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberate-millionaire) is an online place for awesome entrepreneurs ready to take on the world, so come hang out with us!


8. They take full ownership

Everything I have spoken about so far, in this very long post, can only be implemented by people who choose to take full responsibility for everything that occurs in their life.

Yes, stuff happens that seems outside of your control and yes, you can choose to find someone to blame but you know what that makes you…


And a victim cannot join the ranks of highly successful people because they feel they cannot change anything about their life. They feel trapped in a boat without a paddle so they stay in place, moaning and groaning, getting ill and feeling helpless and unfortunately, that does not lend itself to success in any area of life.

The successful ones among us know that we cannot do this. We know that if it is to be, then it is up to us!

We know that even happiness has to be claimed…

We have to own everything! (as in, take responsibility!)


You must ask questions like – How did I cause this and how can I now change it?

No you do not start blaming yourself but you know that change can only come when you own it all!

So, step up warrior!


9. They choose to serve a lot of people

Some people use the world ‘give back’ when they consider this point as though they have taken something away from society by creating wealth and well, I choose to no longer to believe or use that phrase.

The only way you can create wealth is to choose to serve a lot more people than the regular person. Whatever people think about the rich, the truth is, they serve a lot of people. Maybe not personally, but they have faced all the drama and distractions that come with creating a vision out of nothing and now as a result of their determination, we all get the benefit of their companies’ work.

So, whatever you think about the successful, you are going to have to serve as many people as possible either personally or by building a company where you serve your staff, who also then serve a lot of people in the actual marketplace.

What is your choice? You cannot create wealth solitarily – You must serve.

No more excuses about not knowing how to sell something – In fact stop thinking about it as selling something and instead think of it as providing a service that someone benefits from. Start to realise that you are withholding something good from everyone you do not tell about your product or service.

Whatever your business, whether you think it is ‘just’ entertainment or ‘just’ a product or ‘just’ a service, KNOW THIS…

You give someone else joy so get to doing that to as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible and I assure you, you will join the ranks of the highly successful.


10. They are cool with excellence rather than always waiting on perfection

So, perfection is great…

Really it is…

And yet, while you wait for everything to be perfect, people are not being served. And frankly, your version of perfect may not be the marketplace’s version of perfect. Do I mean that you need to play to everyone’s desires? NO but I do mean that you can have an idea and you can get it out in the world a lot quicker than most people do. Some people die still trying to create their perfect vision.

The highly successful know that perfection can be reached as a response to the needs of the marketplace so they get that minimum viable product out there as quickly as they can. They fail fast. They pick themselves up and they keep moving forward with a new, excellent idea. They try so many different things and so they more quickly hit the jackpot.

And yes, I am saying that the chances are that your first GREAT idea may not be that great, really! So imagine you spend all that time trying to make a NOT SO GREAT idea perfect and then you finally AFTER YEARS AND YEARS, you get it out to the market and no one wants it. The chances are you will lose the heart to do it all again because you think that is the only way to do things.

And all the while you were making it perfect, you saw others release their own ‘less than perfect’ creations (very similar to yours) but then they got feedback and they got better and better and now their good but not amazing product is actually filling a need whereas yours is perfect mostly for you.

That is not the way of highly successful people and honey, you can be one if you just get your stuff out into the marketplace with a heart to improve as you go.

Do not let fear determine things for you.

Let it go – Let us experience!

You will be more successful for it.


11. They read a lot

And last but not least in this post, the highly successful expand their minds. Yes, I mention reading but these days, there are audio books, there are video trainings, there are face-to-face trainings, online trainings where you can expand.

People are willing to share their knowledge with you every which way so you can create awesome success in your life – What on earth is your excuse?

Even if we keep it to just books – Pop over to Amazon and see the number of eBook available sometimes FREE that you can use to pick the brains of people in your industry and beyond!

When I grew up in Nigeria, it was so hard to find great books – I KNOW I am in heaven living here in the UK where I get acces to the knowledge of more intelligent people than I am. As some great person says – The books you read and the people you meet are the greatest indicator of success.

And it is true!

Choose to be a reader.

Choose to be someone who never just assumes that do not know how to do something.

Choose to be someone who finds out how!

Read books! Read a lot of them – there are so many available – Read, read, read!

Follow these 11 habits – take one at a time if you like (start with reading!) and I promise you that one day, sometime soon, you will KNOW that you fit into the ranks of the highly successful.

And if you would like to deliberately choose to hang out with people on the same path as you…

If you would like to create wealth using your strengths …

If you would like to build a business that is rewarding and enables you to create a life that you really do love then I invite you to the Deliberate Millionaire – Come join us now! (rosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberate-millionaire)

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