You have abandoned yourself in your quest to be everything that everyone has told you that you need to be.

You have abandoned yourself in your quest to be successful in the eyes of the world

You have stopped coming home to yourself as you try to fulfil everyone else’s agenda for you.

And now, you keep looking for more external tips, tricks and strategies to make you feel better but nothing works for long.


The peace you desire is not out there

The love you desire is not out there

The happiness you desire is not out there

The fulfilment you desire is not out there

The wealth and success you desire, is not out there

You have looked and you have not found the full measure of what you know is possible.

It is always not quite right, isn’t it?


I know it looks like your partner’s fault, your children’s fault, your childhood’s fault, religion’s fault, your friends’ fault, the government’s fault, the economy’s fault, the pandemic’s fault etc etc etc

I know you think that if they would just change their ways then you could be happier, more fulfilled, more chilled.

I know you also think that you are not trying enough, not doing enough, not loving enough, eating too much, drinking too much, yelling too much etc etc etc

Maybe, maybe not, but that line of thinking just makes you abandon yourself even more.

I know you think you just don’t have time to figure out why you feel so much inner angst.

You are too busy to indulge in all this navel-gazing

You have said your quick prayers, spoken a few words of gratitude, meditated for a few minutes and tried to be mindful when you remember and now, you just need to get on with things.

Well, okay, if this is all you want then carry right on pretending that everything you desire will finally be found if you just keep pushing or if you just keep changing partners or cars or houses or whatever.

Or maybe, you could simply divert some of that formidable power to clearing all the nonsense inside of you so that you reconnect deeply with the Divine and with yourself – Your ONE TRUE SOURCE of everything.


You deserve to feel loved.

You deserve to feel happy.

You deserve to be prosperous in every area of life.

Will you allow it?

The ‘battering yourself into submission’ pathway will not work to achieve all that you desire.

You already know this though you do keep trying

There is another way

A more peaceful way

But it seems scary when considered from where you stand.

Fall back in love with the Divine

Fall back in love with yourself

Let this be the foundation from which you very deliberately co-create your life

Stop giving these things lip-service and actually choose to go all in on returning to your TRUE DESIGN.

You can be free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched but it will not happen while you persist in being so externally focused.

AWAKEN, my love.

Everything you desire is within your reach


Where would you like to be in 12 months?

Still feeling this same way

Still wishing for things to change

Still waiting for your breakthrough

Still living the ‘almost right’ life and telling yourself to suck it up.


Will you be doing what you want, when you want, with who you want?

Will you be experiencing a deep sense of fulfilment and peace as you go about your daily affairs?

Will you be enjoying financial abundance and no longer feeling like a slave to money?

Will you deep down KNOW that you are completely loved, supported and safe?

If you would prefer the latter options, join the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY now with a very determined decision to take full part in the bootcamps and the programs.

Nothing scary to do

Just simply listen for 20 minutes a day to a program out of the ever-increasing library

Simply do the journaling exercises from the bootcamps when they are delivered to your email inbox – 5 days on, 2 days off


The time will pass anyway

Surely you are done with living the wrong life for you.

Go now to and start your immersion experience now.

It is time to take back dominion over your money, your relationships and your energy

It is time to deliberately design the life you truly desire.


Much Amazing Love

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