So… I caught myself thinking and overthinking this morning…

“I have so many ideas…

Should I do this?

Should I do that?

Supposing no one wants this…

Supposing no one wants that…

But all these ideas could help…

Which one, which one?

Do I really want to give it away for free?

What if no one appreciates the value of it?

Should I start this coming week or give peeps more time?

“Papa, tell me for sure, which one should I run with?”

Blah, blah, BLAH!

And then I caught myself…

What on earth was I doing?

EXACTLY what I tell my clients not to do, which is OVERTHINK everything!

I got myself back on track and decided as always, just to throw things out there with the deep inner knowing that the right people will get exactly the right things for them.

And everything is always working out for me, so who the heck cares about this ONE single thing when the big picture is AWE-INSPIRING!

Hint, hint, all you over thinkers out there!

Stop with the over thinking

Start with the getting things out into the world.

Do you know it could help people if they choose to buy it?

Does it feel exciting to you to unleash on the world (not just for the money!)?

Then get it out there boldly and let the peoples makes ups their own minds!!! (Yep, the english is deliberate!)

Anyway, having got past that crazy phase, I am EXCITED to share this thing with you…

It was going to go on sale for $97 but then a little whisper inside of me, said give it away, give it away.

I resisted a bit because I had made a silent decision not to do things for no cost again apart from my eBooks or videos because peeps do not always value what they get for no cost and it does irritate me when I know that the information when implemented can literally change their life!

But I live out of my connection to Papa/Intuition and so, I got over myself and here we go!


Answer me this…

? Are you struggling to make sales every day in your online business?

? Are you frustrated with putting pics and posts up on social media, getting likes but no sales?

✅ Are you committed to changing lives and generating at least $5K each month online, doing what you want to and feel called to do?

✅ Do you love encouraging, empowering and inspiring people with your words in your regular every day life?

✅ Would you like a simple, step-by-step strategy to get your message out there and get more buyers in?

If yes to all 5 questions, join the FREE 5 Day Bootcamp – MAKE SALES EVERYDAY with ME at

Whether it be books, music, art, products, services…

Whether it be your own products or someone else’s that you are selling

Whether it be a business opportunity, you are trying to get out there

This 5 day ‘Deliberate Life’ Challenge is exactly what you need to figure out what the missing link is for you when it comes to generating an income everyday through your own online business.

Business is not complicated – There are simple steps to implement and I am revealing all in this challenge

So as long as you are willing to show up every day for your online business, there is no reason why you cannot make sales every day too.

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Much Amazing Love

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