Is there tension rising in your chest?

Is there a feeling that another month is going by and still, you have not reached the results you had hoped to reach?

Most people, at this point, start to give up…

But you are not most people.

You are the gal/guy on a mission

You are the one who deserves the best of everything

You are the one here to make a difference and to change lives with your products, services, books, music, art.

You will not back down.

ENOUGH! of not meeting goals, you think


OK… Great so what you gonna do

Well, let’s think about this…

You would need to make $500 a day to reach your goal assuming, of course that you have not made anything at all…

And that number might seem scary to you because, well it is a big number

But what if you do not allow it to scare you but rather allow it to inspire you and so what, if you push hard and reach $1k, it would be better than giving up and reaching NOTHING! right?!

1.OK, so firstly, connect to Source

We have this tendency to retreat from our power base when we feel under pressure at the very time that you need your power base.

CONNECT, my love

Do whatever you do, to be connected.  You need all the wisdom and support and love you can get.


Set it in your mind as a done deal.  IT is happening.  You are going all the way in.  Notice any resistance coming up and swat it away.  Convince yourself that it is possible for you.  You may have to do this twenty million times a day. DO IT.  because if anything will stop you, it will be the thoughts you allow to run rampant in your head.



To make $500 a day, you need to sell…

50 things at $10 a piece

100 things at $5 a piece

25 things at $20 a piece

10 things at $47 a piece

Go on break it down, sometimes that can make it seem so much more doable.

So, decide what will you offer?


Did you build that mailing list?  OK, now is the time to start telling and telling and telling them about it.  Remember you have something of amazing value to offer so be unapologetic in telling them

Are you on social media, create images, social media posts and start telling people and if you really do not have that mailing list, use this surge of energy to build a list as well.  Go on, all you need is aweber and leadpages and you are on the way – As you are going to be showing up powerfully over the next few days (at least), then you may as well make sure you are getting people onto a mailing list too


IS there anyone you know who you can offer a commission or exchange a post with on social media and ask them to promote your stuff as well.  Of course, you could partner with Facebook advertising though I would use that to build your list and then once on the list, then I would follow up with my offer immediately and repeatedly.  If they don’t buy today, they may well buy tomorrow, right?!


Keep asking “What can I do next?” and listen to the intuitive response and act, act, act!  It is never too late to turn things around, Remember you are more than just flesh and blood.

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