Here’s 6 ways to establish yourself as an ‘Expert’ In Your Industry.

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Here's 6 ways to establish yourself as an 'Expert' In Your Industry.

Lots of people keep trying to build a cookie-cutter business. They want ‘gurus’ to tell them exactly what to do, when to do it and how exactly it will work and they hope that then they will be successful but the problem is that everyone has that same idea so what makes you stand out?  I have fallen into this trap and I keep falling into this trap.  I keep looking at other people and thinking I am missing something.  And each time it happens, I have to bring myself back to being me in my business because the people I attract when I try to get the cookie-cutter business to work are usually not the people I want to serve anyway!  If business is not fun, then why bother?!

And from a strategic point of view, what will make people choose you over every other cookie-cutter business in the world?


You must put your soul and personality into building a business that is uniquely yours. Yes, it is great to learn the basic strategies but you have to bring it to life YOUR WAY!

And that is what I mean when I talk about being an expert.

An expert is not necessarily someone who knows everything about their topic – It is someone who stands out and chooses to get to know everything in their topic and put things simply to people who want a result. You pick your topic and you decide to get to know all that there is to know and you choose the moment when you become the expert.

But and this is a big but, you will not necessarily be considered an expert yet until you put certain things in place in your business so that anyone who comes into your business can see that you are an expert.

How do you do this?

1. Start early to tell of your expertise

If you are doing a webinar, tell people quickly why they must listen to your insights. Give them a reason to consider you an expert by telling enough about your experience and accomplishments to help them see how you can help them. This will set their mind at ease right from the start of the webinar. Give testimonials as well as it is always more believable to hear what others think about you, especially if you have supported people who are like the prospects listening in to you.

On your website, have an about page that tells people of your experience and accomplishments. In conversation, drop it in without being too tasteless about it.

Get good at selling yourself subtly and do not be afraid to do it. If you are committed to supporting others and having a huge impact then understand how the human psyche works. They will not let you help them unless they trust you and they need to know why they should listen to you. So, this is not about being proud and vulgar, this is about helping people to get the best results.

2. Look the part

Whether we like it or not, people do want you to look a certain way if they are too trust you. Now, that does not mean you dress completely unlike yourself as that will be hard to maintain. However, think carefully about who you want to attract into your world and look the part.It may be a casual look or a formal look – This is just about who you want in your world. They need to feel that you are one of them or else they will not let you into their world because it seems a little off. Make it easy to your people to understand you. YOUR people, not ALL people.

3. Create Content

Understand that the research you do, the books you write, the articles you write all go ahead of you to create an impression of what people can expect of you. Lots of entrepreneurs try to escape this part and think that advertising alone will get them the results they want.

Understand there is a reason that most celebrities have a book – It is all for credibility. They want to stand out even amongst the celebrities – You read their book and you feel like you know them. The same applies to you – Everything you put out in the world can help you build credibility. And the sooner you get to writing, the better.

Everyone can write something or collate other people’s writings. You can also do interviews, do videos, create graphics that get your message out into the world. Ultimately, let there be a huge amount of content out in the world helping people even before they buy from you. Figure out the way you want to do it and do it consistently.

4. Have you won awards?

Share them freely – Let everyone know what you did to get it. Enter competitions when you can – Don’t let fear deter you.

5. Are you a member of any relevant groups?

Join the relevant groups where necessary. It does all depend on what you are selling people and in what industry. The relevant group may be a mastermind group that your prospects know of and envy and so they think you are awesome for being a part of it. It may be a formal association or group that every expert in your field is a part of.

Please, do not get the idea that you must conform in order to win. You can make a point of refusing to join any of the normal ways of building credibility and that can be your marketing stance because that is what you believe in, not because you are trying to get attention.

6. Endorsements, testimonials, press releases, guest posts

Who are you endorsed by? Are they a respected person? Can you mention that to build your credibility? Get into the habit of asking for endorsements and testimonials whether from people who have worked with you or from people who understand your premise. Create press releases and guest posts, put them out in the world and then send people to them. There is an assumption that if you are mentioned by a respected person then you must be respectable and trusted so getting those mentions and talking about them is key to building credibility.

None of the above is intended to make you feel that you have to fit into a box but I do want you to see that building a business that people want to buy from time and time again is not something that can just be done with the tips, tricks and strategies. There are so many things at play here. People do need to believe you and these are ways that you can build trust.

Firstly, figure out what you want to stand for and get that message out in as many ways as you can. Let your reputation precede you. As you attract YOUR people into your world, they will start to talk about you to the people they know and so the process gets easier but understand that the process never stops.

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