Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Event To Promote Your Business

By July 29, 2015April 29th, 2020Self Development

Use an event to promote an businessAn event can be online or offline.

It can be super-expensive or fairly cheap.

The choice really is yours but the thing not to doubt, is how effective it can be to run and event and here are 5 reasons why you need to get on and make it happen right now.

1. You Get Seen

You can invite people outside your world to come to your event and they get to meet you, they get to see how you interact with the crowd and it either turns them on or off.

An event can be online and still there is a perceived credibility to someone who puts their voice, their face firmly in the public eye. It gives a feeling that you are not a fly-by night business wanting to take the money and run off.

2. You are exposed to a whole new audience

Again, you can invite people outside your regular circle to join in the event. This adds to your credibility.

Also, you can join in on other people’s events and that way, you get to share their credibility. It literally rubs off on you especially if you get to speak in front of their audience. The prospects tend to think that if you are credible enough to be trusted by someone they trust then there is a chance that it is worthwhile doing business with you.

3. You can build your list of prospects.

Building your circle of influence is absolutely critical to your business. In fact, your contact list is considered by all business experts to be an asset. IF you ever go on to sell your business, having a solid, substantial and responsive mailing list will help ensure the sale goes through at a great price.

4. It is a media opportunity

Your event is usually worthy of a mention in the press so putting on an event gives you a reason to get some attention from the media. You must of course, let them know with a piece written for that purpose and send to local newspapers as well as online publications.

5. It is an opportunity to thank current customers

An event held just for your current customers is certain to generate a few referrals as they feel part of a community and cared for. They return the favour by suggesting you to their friends.

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