Some days, the fear overwhelms…

And it is tempting to let it constrict you, to make you smaller, to stop you in your tracks…

You start to wonder why you ever thought that the big dreams were possible…

You start to back away from claiming the life you want…

You feel alone in this closed, scary place and you wonder if things will ever work the way you want them to.

What do you do?

How do you cope?

How do you get past it and decide that you are going to stay on course, stay on track, be all you can be and demand that life open up the door to wealth, fulfilment and happiness?

I sometimes feel so scared inside, so wimpy with the fear, so ready to quit, so sure that I am unable to do the work, so demoralised and yet, I choose to keep showing up.

Some days, I am weaker than other days…

Some days, I feel stronger…

And so, i write a post like this to wake ME UP first and maybe then to wake you up to the fact that you can still show up, regardless of how you feel…

So, how do you cope with the fear?

Here are a few thoughts for you…

You start by looking within but not for too long…

You ask “Why do I feel this way?  What am I pushing against that is causing me to feel this avalanche of fear?

How can I put my left foot in front of my right foot despite the fear?

I am a warrior, a conqueror and I move despite the way I feel.

I keep my focus on the people I am called to serve and I keep doing the work to serve them.

When my focus is solely on my needs, I go small and I go fearful and so, I refuse to stay in this place for too long.

I reach out for support from fellow entrepreneurs and I keep moving forward.

Yes, I could give in to the fear and I could allow it to determine what I do next but you know what?!  I am sooooo done with that.

Of course, fear is a part of this journey to my best self but so what?


I am on this journey and I am staying on this journey and frankly fear… I don’t care that you are here! I am going forward anyway.

My focus is on the work.

My focus is on the outcome.

My focus is on doing whatever it takes to get where I have decided I am going.

Or even somewhere BETTER but I KNOW I am not staying here.


Cool, now that we understand each other, tag along if you like, I am moving forward!”

Fear may come but it does not get to determine your path – Always remember that.

Fear is an illusion, it is not the truth.

Fear can be defeated by action, by determined forward action and you are always capable of action regardless of how you feel.  Keep written record of your goals, your intentions, your desires for your life and the lives you are called to impact and rewrite this regularly so your focus stays on that.

And then, you move, you move and you move some more.

You can do this, ok?

And for support from entrepreneur-leaders just like you who are ready to step their game up, just like you – They go through fears just like you but together, as a community of warriors, we choose to fight for, to create the life and the business that we want, then come join The Step Up & Lead Group completely free on Facebook –

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