Here is one reason you never seem to get what you want

Get What You Want

You are such a closed book…


There is a high wall around you…


You are fenced in, trying to keep the world out…


For some reason (not a good reason), you learnt to hide so now, you are concealed with a high wall all around.


No one gets in, and you do not get out.


You always calculate the impact of what you are going to say before you say it…


You always consider how whatever you do is going to be received by the people around you before you do it…


There is no freedom in being you because you feel you must protect yourself every single moment of every single day.


It is like you are on a weird battlefield every day where everyone else knows more than you do and so you have to hide your cards all the time because you are worried someone will use them against you.


There is a permanent smile on your face. A giggle to hide the pain and it is like an invisible barrier between where you want to go and where you are right now.


No matter how hard you work…


No matter how hard you push…


No matter how much you give to things…


You feel trapped and stuck and unable to break through.


Is it time to open the gates of this self-imposed cage that you have built for yourself?


Is it time for the real you to rise up and lead?


Let down your guard…


There is beauty within.


Let down your guard – Your true life awaits.


Let down your guard – you no longer need to stay there, closeted against the pain, only revealing the parts of you that you think are good enough to be seen.


Surely, it is enough!


There is so much you want to do, there is so much you want to speak, there is so much you want to experience and you will not let yourself do this stuff unless you break free of your prison. The one you built with your own hands.


You are no longer a child, unprotected by the ones who were supposed to love you.


You are now a magnificent adult.


Powered by God.


Loved by God.


You have nothing to hide anymore.


Like a caterpillar, you have been in a cocoon…


But it is time for you to come on out.


It is time for you to reveal the butterfly that has been long in the making and know that all the stuff that happened to you has made you beautiful.


It is time for the real you to be revealed.


You will be stunned and amazed at what you see.


You will be stunned and amazed at what is possible for the real you once you rise up and BE.


Let go of the past…


Let go of your protections…


Let go, let go, let go.


The future is bright.


The real you is beautiful.


You are fearfully, wonderfully made…


And most of all, you are loved.


Just as you are.


So rise up, reveal yourself. Remove the blocks.


There is no one to blame and there is no longer any shame – Who you are, is beautiful.


Look inside, you can see the hidden part of you waiting for permission to stand up and be a part of your every day life and once you do that, once you allow your inner person to combine with your outer person, you will rise up to a new level of power and leadership because you have only been operating at half mast so far.


With all that hidden stuff within you, it has not been easy to shine…


It has been a struggle because half of you has been hidden.


But now, warrior, you have fought and won the battle with yourself and you can rise up free.


Will you?


All your dreams are on this side of the wall…


Now you can play on all cylinders instead of only using half of you.


Now you can be the full powerful warrior you have always been…


There is no more reason to hide.


Unleash the power within.


The world awaits the real you…


It is your time.


It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.




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