Yes, it would be absolutely lovely to feel good all the time

But you don’t

And when you are transitioning from being someone who over-gave and acted like a doormat to everyone else, there will a lot of times when you feel bad.  You will feel selfish, greedy, like a bad parent, bad child, bad friend, bad sibling, bad partner and if you decide to spend all your time analyzing your feelings and ‘their’ feelings about what you are doing, then trying to heal all those ‘broken’ parts of you and handle all the conflicts with all the people so that everyone can understand why you are doing what you are doing while also begging and pleading with the Divine not to withhold anything from you because you feel like such a bad person, then you will NEVER DO ANYTHING except analyse and try to feel better while trying to make everyone else feel better.

You become a hostage to your feelings

Can you see that your goal has moved from prospering in your purpose to trying to feel good all the time?

And you may tell yourself that you need to get your priorities right and fix all the things wrong with you & your relationships first as that is more important than making money, getting that car or building a business…



If you want a successful business, build one regardless of how bad you feel at times

If you want more money, take action to create more money regardless of how bad you feel at times

YOUR ACTION is the ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION TOOL and the thing that determines your results

Your feelings are all over the place and so if you keep allowing them to lead you around the place, you will NEVER accomplish anything.

I know how important it is to feel as if your desires and visions are done so I am not diminishing the importance of a high vibe feeling. However, what most spiritual people end up doing is trying to fix every feeling, try to feel good all the time and end up using all their energy to do just that.  You keep acting based on your feelings and then wondering why you are getting nowhere near your actual goals.

Most of your energy is going to manage how you feel and also going to avoid feeling any ‘negative’ feeling.

You may blame the people in your life – they did this and they did that and they think this or they think that.  You may even think that they are justified and that you are the ‘wrong’ person in all the happenings but so the heck what?!  It is a great distraction from just doing what you need to do next to make the money you want to make.

YOU ARE WORTHY OF EVERY GOOD THING, regardless of how nice or bad you feel you are.

However, you only get every good thing, IF YOU CREATE IT

And you create it by DECIDING it is done and by ACTING in the direction of it.

And you can DECIDE & ACT regardless of what emotional turmoil you are going through

You are human, there will be emotional turmoil and it can feel all-consuming as you go back and forth in your mind about whatever happened and then you make it worse by wondering if worrying about the emotional turmoil is also making you less worthy of the prosperity you are trying to create.

And so then you take yourself off-track to go fix all the feelings

And maybe you do manage to feel better but you are still financially restricted so then you feel bad about the fact that though you are working so hard, you are still not where you want to be and so then you take yourself off-track AGAIN to go fix THAT feeling.

And so the cycle goes on and on and on and you get to the end of your life and you realise that you spent all your time trying to feel better, trying to appease all the people in your life, trying to make the Divine give you something that ONLY YOU can give to yourself.

And all you have is a feeling of regret which you then keep trying to fix…

Until you die.

For goodness’ sake! ENOUGH OF THE NONSENSE.

Stop being so scared of your own feelings

You can feel bad and still do the next thing you need to do to accomplish your true design goals.


You do not have to feel good all the time to create the life you desire

Stop allowing yourself to be a prisoner to your feelings or anyone else’s feelings

DECIDE what you want

GO GET IT, feeling bad all the way if necessary.

As you lean deeper into the love of the Divine and allow yourself to experience unconditional love all the time (even when you are feeling bad!), the chances are that your feelings will get handled by love anyway

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Much Amazing Love

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