The Formula goes like this…

A. Resist The Unwanted = Unwanted Grows & Expands

B. Embrace The Unwanted = Unwanted Fades & Dissolves

C. Resist The Wanted = Wanted Fades & Dissolves

D. Embrace & Love The Wanted = Wanted Grows & Expands

Read through that again and again.

Notice how it plays out in your life.

Notice also how you have been conditioned to resist your own desires by religion, family, media and also, to resist the things you hate and then start to understand why your life is the way it is.

Example:  You hate feeling fat, you keep desperately trying to get away from being fat by starting this and that diet, the compulsion to eat and eat gets worse and worse until one day, you let go and whoosh, all the weight lost is regained with a few of its friends.  Or you have to hold a rigid grip on yourself all the time and there is no room to relax and play in life anymore because everything has become about how much food you are eating, how much exercise you are getting and that is it.


You decide that you would like to weigh something different from what you do, at the moment.  You recognise that for whatever reason, you created your current situation with more fat than you desire. You love yourself, you love your body, you find yourself more naturally being drawn to things that nurture you.  Yes, there is an amount of difficulty as you try on new habits of eating, mistakes are made but you focus more on loving yourself as you are, rather than self-punishment all the time.  New ideas flow to you about what you can do to move towards your goal.  Maybe, you even pick up a whole new hobby that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with losing weight.  Sometimes, you feel like you may not be getting anywhere with your weight but life does seem to be expanding, you feel happier.  At some point, you notice that you are just not pecking as much as you used to because life is just so much more fun now.  You still hold the focus of a certain weight that you would prefer but you are beginning to realise that life is about more than just losing weight.  You embrace where you are at while remaining certain about where you are going and then, one day, you feel guided to step on them scales and voila, you are at your goal weight

The thing about this second option is that it feels too good AND EASY to be true and so, the chances are that you will go back to option 1 quite a few times because the hard path seems like the only path.  It is what we are all conditioned to believe.  It takes some doing to convince our own selves that life can feel easier and still allow us to achieve our goals.  We think self-flagellation is the only way and I guess it is A way that you can choose.  It just eats up a lot of energy and keeps your life so focused on one teeny tiny issue that the rest of your life is ignored, except to do the basics.

I encourage you to consider a new more intuitive way of living.

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Allowing for the easy expansion of life as you allow yourself to be guided by the Divine to the achievement of all your desires in a wholesome, more enjoyable way.

We have all been conditioned to live in reaction to the physical reality but it is limiting to live life that way as you already sense.


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Much Amazing Love


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