Heaven or hell

I had this conversation with my daughter, Princess number 1, a second ago in the car as I did my Mum’s Taxi duties and took them to gymnastics and considered just how true it really was, not just for her but for me too.


Earlier, I wrote about the thief coming to steal, kill and destroy and now, I realize again just how much what we think about can create or destroy.


Princess darling was moaning about the fact that she had to do the washing up at the weekends.  She wished she were a baby again so that she did not have to do these horrid chores that getting older seemed to lumber her with.


And she kinda hoped that I would sympathise with her a little and you know, do the soft mummy routine where she might even get off the hook the next time her dad called her back to the kitchen again to clean up properly but no… a lecture commenced.


The whole conversation started because I was talking to them about asking for what they wanted – Not, I hasten to add, necessarily from me but to keep putting their intention out in the world or frankly, as my Christian roots would more likely say it.  PRAY FOR WHAT YOU WANT.


I then went on to telling them to stop cancelling out their prayers by losing faith before the object of their affection turned up as each time they did that, it may have been on the way but by giving into disbelief , they were sending it back to where it came from.


And then, my oldest princess mentions that she probably should stop praying to be a baby then.


So, I was curious about why she felt she wanted to be a baby again though I had a feeling it had to do with doing chores round the house.  And yes, it was…


At which point, I said to them both – Heaven or hell, you create it in your head.


“Honey, at the moment, you are making washing up seem harder than it is because, in your head, you have decided that you are being hard done by and so your emotions are following your thinking and your actions follow your emotions which then means you do the bare minimum you can get away with.  Except you don’t get away with it and then Daddy has to call you back to do them all again which then reinforces the fact that this is hell and you really wish you were a baby and did not have to do these chores.”


“The thing is, it all started in your head.”


“There is another way to look at this – You could start to think about it as just 5 plates and a pot and you would be done in no time, hum a happy tune while you do it, thankful for the opportunity to be away from your little sisters for a little bit and savoring the fact that your parents felt you were strong enough to deal with it and suddenly, it would not feel quite so hellish, would it?”


But hey, you always get a choice.


Same goes to you…


You always get a choice – Heaven or hell – Which do you choose?


Because it all starts in your head.

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