Hey honey, you have overcome so much…

Dealt with so much

And still you are standing…

And not just standing, you have gone way beyond what your background may have predicted for you…

But there is a wound inside of you…

A deep dark wound that you try to ignore…

And most of the time, you simply get on with the task at hand which is great – Life has still gotta be lived…

But there are times when the wound wants to take you over…

You watch a movie that depicts people in their perfect childhoods and you ache

You speak to a sibling and you get drawn back into the past and you ache

You speak to that parent and you wonder what on earth you have done that is so wrong and that causes them not to love you in the way you need to be loved.


They were your first loves…

Your mom

Your dad

And though you try to let the past all go…

There is an ache

A pain

A feeling that there is something inherently wrong with you…

After all, if they brought you into the world and they could not quite love you all that well, then there must be something unloveable about you!

And so you hold back in relationships

You feel alone in a crowded space

You give too much as you try to earn your spot in life

And still you ache.

It is time to heal.

It is time to do the internal work because honey, your parents were flawed and their flaws no longer need to control your life.

I know your initial reaction will be to say that your parents don’t affect you anymore but seriously, this is for you, not them.  Pride does not help.


Like your life depended on it.  It does.  Start by simply saying “I love me” repeatedly.  Look yourself in the mirror and say “I love me”.  See where you feel resistance as you look at yourself and choose to focus with love on that part of you.  Also, consider the SELF LOVE PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT – rosemarynonnyknight.com/selflove

This is the foundation of everything.  If you do not CHOOSE to love yourself, then you do not feel worthy of any good thing and it is usually hidden from you, until you get deliberate about the work.  You just find that you self-sabotage, procrastinate and delay on doing things that will get you what you claim to want and everything you DO get is hard-won.  THIS IS CRITICAL.


Take your time with this exercise and truthfully, you may need support to do it.  Particularly, if the wounds run deep.  You may also laugh this off or pretend not to care or just simply avoid ever doing it.  DON’T!  Catch the self-sabotage.

OK, so sit in a comfortable position.  Take a few deep breaths until you feel calm and at peace with yourself.  Deliberately picture a scene where you felt let down by a parent.  You may struggle to find a scene if you are particularly loyal towards your parents and you do not want to accuse them of anything.  (And of course, it may just be that there is nothing to forgive but you would not have read this far if that were true!)

Once you get the picture of the scene in your mind.  Ask Source/Intuition /God for clarity on the scene.  What was really going on?  What were your parents trying to achieve? What were they thinking?  And what were you thinking? How could you see this differently? Is there anything you could be grateful for in the scene?

Imagine light and love coming into the picture.  Imagine Source covering you with love in the scene.  Hear the words He speaks over you – make a record of them.  There may be additional things to do to heal this particular scene, listen in and act as soon as you can.  Remind yourself that you do not need to feel un-loved any longer.  Choose to forgive your parent(s) in the scene.  Let them go so that you are free. Break the chains that link you to them.  You were younger then, you no longer need to carry the same thoughts into your current life.  You can choose more empowering thoughts.

Feel love and light in the scene – Just using your imagination and when you feel complete, come back to the present.


You may need to do the above repeatedly for any scene that bubbles up within you and carries any amount of distress.  This is disciplined work and it can take a while to do.  However, at the moment, time is still passing on by and you are not doing the healing work so you may as well focus in and get it done.   Your prosperity depends on you being able to let go of the past, completely.  Yes, some things are healed without lots of internal work.  However, some things just don’t and pretending they are not there, just keeps you bound up.


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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