Most of the time when I ask people what their challenges are, they come back and tell me it is a lack of money, a lack of finance, a lack of the green stuff that makes the world go round…

And I listen to them and depending on what stage we are in our relationship because some people just do not want to hear the truth, I tell them that money has absolutely nothing to do with whether they succeed in business or not.

After all, which successful entrepreneur started any business with a lot of their own money?!


In fact, one of the big reasons they started out in business was to create wealth for themselves and their family…

Yes, I know you are not in it just for the money, but you do want money, right?

So, own that now and stop beating around the bush about it…

So, you are now telling me that money is the result you want and money is also the path to the result?

Well, you are kinda screwed then…

Because if according to you, it is money that is preventing you from getting money, then you are stuck.

And you will remain stuck until you realise that money has nothing to do with whether you make your business a success or not…

The truth is, you could go apply for a credit card (unless you are in some third world country somewhere or maybe your credit is bad but I have to say, I went bankrupt and still I was able to get access to this type of money)  and get some money that way…

Yes, I know that makes you uncomfortable and why?

Because deep inside, you are scared of racking up debt when you do not know if your business idea is going to work…

And that is definitely a sensible way of thinking about it but it is also the crux of your problem…

If you do not believe your business idea is going to work, you will not give it all the energy of THOUGHT and ACTION that you need to give it, in order for it to work.

So, your problem as you can hopefully begin to see is more than a lack of finance, it is a lack of belief in yourself and your ability to succeed and so because you, deep down, don’t believe in you or your ideas, you will not use the vast and powerful resourcefulness, that GOD himself has gifted you with, to create wealth in your business.

And instead of you admitting the truth of that to yourself…

You will blame a lack of money as the reason that you fail…

PLEASE, honey, tell someone else that particular story because I am not buying it!

If you want something, you always find a way to get it.

You do, honey, you really do!

You are a lot more powerful than you give yourself credit for…

And you are just blocking your own brain up and setting yourself up for failure when you tell me or anyone and worst of all, yourself, that it is a lack of money that stops you.

It gives you permission not to think of another way forward…

It gives you permission to remain stuck in place…

It gives you permission not to try…

And so, honey, you get what you want…

You fail!

And then you can go back to your old, comfortable life and tell yourself that you tried.


Lots of people have built business without any of their own money, they just had a huge amount of belief and if they really did need money (A lot of businesses really do not need any huge amounts of capital)…

IF they did need money, then their huge amounts of belief would enable them to find a sponsor who sees the validity and potential of their ideas and who then bankrolls them.

But it all starts with you believing in yourself and your idea enough to make it work.

Money is NO obstacle.

If anything, too much money at the start, stifles creativity.

And it is your creativity that will make your business succeed.

Go on…  Write out TEN ways you can use today to get your message out without spending any money whatsoever.

And then go do it.

Yes, I know it will be hard for you to think like this because you have forgotten how to think hard for what you want…

And yet, understand that the more you do this kind of thinking, the easier it becomes, the more creative you become, the more innovative your ideas become and the quicker you succeed in making money.

As long as you then go implement the ideas…

And this works wherever you live, third world country or not.

You need to get into the habit of thinking there is always a way and you also need to realise the only challenge you actually have, is YOU!

And getting over your reasons and excuses for not doing what it takes to win.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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