I was born…

And almost from that moment, I knew I was to be some kind of professional…

I don’t know when it all got decided but it was just a given that I would go to University and become a doctor, pharmacist, accountant or lawyer.

That was what success was supposed to look like.

And when you are in a third world country, you count yourself blessed to have parents who can afford to do that for you…

You see what happens when peeps do not go to school…

There seems to be 15 peeps living in one teeny-tiny room… if they are lucky!

And you don’t want that, so your definition of success gets solidified by other people

And you do not realise it but you base every decision on that narrow perspective…

You limit yourself to that definition…

Everything is measured against that road map…

Your friends are even subconsciously chosen because they fit your borrowed idea of success

And before you know it, all your own desires are sidelined because they do not fit into that definition of success

All well and good, if you are the type to settle…

If you can just live with it, then great for you…

But we are not those people – we cannot live with it

At some point, something starts to feel wrong…

You feel kinda anxious all the time

Sad all the time

Dissatisfied all the time…

And to begin with, you may not even realise that it is because you have forced yourself to live within a false and very limited definition of success

And also that you never allowed yourself to define what a successful life would look and feel like, TO YOU!

You don’t even really know how to think out of that box.

You may not even fully realise you are in a box!!!

You just took on the definition of those that seemed older and wiser than you

Except they were operating in fear

And yes, they loved you but they also were trying to protect from the ‘hostile’ world

And they did a good job because here you are and you are pretty well off…

Life is not bad

You are capable and you have created a good life…


It is the wrong life.

You feel out of step with it…

You feel like you are missing something


And you are not happy

You might try to tell yourself it does not matter

But it does

And your body is telling you!

Are you ready to define success for yourself, my love?

And then are you willing to put your formidable energy behind creating it?

I can tell you this

Your vision is your permission, regardless of how crazy the vision may seem when held against the light of your conditioned version of success

You are capable of your calling so once you establish your own definition of success, you are absolutely capable of bring it to life

And finally, there is no mistake about you or your vision/calling – The world needs you, in your true design, in order for it to evolve so please get on with it.  Yes, you really are that important.

So, I invite you to take a moment…

Sit with a journal and start to figure yourself out

What do you really want?

Can you allow yourself to have it, even if it looks completely alien to what you have done to date?

What do you want in relationships?



What work would you really like to do?

Who do you feel called to impact with your work?

What would spirituality look like to you, if there were no rules?

Answer these questions for yourself


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Much Amazing Love


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