You are holding on, hoping that things will change.

You are trying to be loving but honey, I am not sure you know what love is.

All your life, you have been a safety net for someone.

Someone that others can lean on.

Someone for others to talk to when they need a listening ear.

Someone others looked to, for wisdom.

And you have felt their pain and tried your hardest to protect and take care of.

But you…? loved?

I don’t think so.

So, no, honey, I am not sure you know what love really is.

And here you are, an adult who has never known real love, STILL trying to be all things to all people, still trying to ‘love’ in the only ways you know how.

And it has not been all bad, of course.

All of it has made you pretty darned strong.

you have created a life that others admire.

BUT still there is an emptiness inside you.

An unfulfilment.

A realisation that most of your life is built to cater to the whims of everyone else.

But when did you stop to take care of you?

When did anyone ask you what you needed and then actually listen to a reply?.

And would you even know what to say? Do you even know what you need?

There is anxiety where there should be peace.

Unexpected anger that erupts at the weirdest times before you quickly shove it back down.

And then you slap on the smile.

Shield up.

Everything pulled together.

Everything looks fine.

But you know it is not.

And still you hold on…

Still you give your time away…

Still your energy is drained.

You can be happy, fulfilled, free, financially abundant, love-drenched and full of peace…

Will you have the wisdom to know that this is not love?

Will you have the wisdom to get the support you need?

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Much Amazing Love

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