OK, so I admit that I use that word and phrase quite a lot in the work that I do.  People want to feel called, I want to feel called and yes, I admit that I am called but you know what?!

I still have a choice!

I still have a freaking choice as to whether I do the work I feel called to do or whether I don’t!

Just because Spirit planted some idea in my heart about what my legacy could be, about what the purpose on my life could be does not mean I HAVE TO do it.

It just made me feel better, more spiritual to have these big ideas, these big WANTS be a calling – Almost like I have no choice but to do it so you cannot call me selfish.  Being able to say ‘I am called to do it’ somehow made me feel worthy and holy enough to receive what I wanted.

Because deep down, I felt wrong for wanting so much.

Do you understand what I am saying here?

I am not even sure I understand.

But let me try to explain to you


I do not want to ever feel forced to do anything.  And when I use words like ‘calling’ and ‘called to do something or the other’, I feel forced.  I feel like I have no choice, I feel like a slave to my goal and I hate that.  Hate, hate, HATE that!  I have fought a long hard battle to be free from any ‘HAVE TO’ and ‘MUSTs’ and I refuse to go back into bondage.  I hate thinking that just because some higher power says I have to do something, then I have to do it.  That feels yuk to me.  And if you are honest, as a leader, it probably feels yuk to you as well but you are too scared to admit it.  Just in case that bolt from heaven comes to hit you over the head and you die from your pride!

But is that freedom or is that fear?


And so do you! Always, always, ALWAYS!  And frankly, I don’t think some higher being ever, EVER wants to take that choice away from you.  You, and I, are still worthy of all good things even if we don’t follow some calling or the other.  You may choose to do any old thing you want to do and you will still be loved and worthy.

Maybe, it is time to look at your worthiness issues, rather than trying to drown them in some attempts to feel worthy by following a ‘calling’.  Question for you – If you do not follow this calling, if you follow it and fail, will that make you less than good enough as a human being?  Be honest.  What answer comes up for you?  You might be afraid that you will be insignificant and that your life has been a bit of a waste.  There is a part of you that desperately wants to believe there is something higher about you and if you don’t have that, then it all feels like your life was for nothing.

I do believe there is something higher about you.  I do believe you are uniquely designed to do something, IF YOU WANT TO! However, whether you do it or you do not do it, you are still worthy and lovable!  You know that, right?  or do you?


As spirit-driven entrepreneurial leaders, it feels yuk and selfish and completely against your conditioning to admit that you just want to be rich and doing work that you love.  And so if you can cover your words with nice sounding phrases like ‘I am called to do it’ then it feels like you are allowed to have that.  It is almost like you want to be able to say to people around you that you only got rich because it was ordained in the stars and it had nothing to do with your selfish desires.

Check that, honey!

Do you believe in a world of abundance or not?  Where you can have whatever you want, the same as anyone else can, if you and THEY are willing to do the work.

Do you believe in freedom or not?

Do you believe you are loved whatever you choose to do or not?

And if you don’t, how much fear is controlling you, really?

And also if you don’t really believe you can have whatever you WANT, you will never allow yourself to get it.  You will resist doing the work every step of the way and find ways to make it harder and harder for yourself.  And if you do get what you want, the guilt, shame, fear of punishment will finally cause you to implode and give it all away in some fairly weird way.

Again, check yourself.

Really look at the root of what is behind your every motivation because if there is a part of you that really does want to be rich and living a life of purpose then you have to shift this shit so that you CAN BE rich and purpose-driven!


Yep, you are probably called but it is also okay to want whatever you want!

It really is.

And it is also okay to walk away from the call and live a fairly happy existence.

Lots of people do.

If you make the choice to go after everything you desire, called or not, it will be tough.  It will demand that you think very much UNLIKE the people around you.  They will read this piece and have absolutely no idea about what I am talking about because it is not the kind of thing that they even consider.

You know what I mean, though.

You know the desperation inside of you sometimes to make things work and that desperation has got to go because it is keeping you away from everything.  It is making your current lack of success in this field mean something about how worthy you are.  Your worth has nothing to do with whether you live out your calling or not.

Yes, you are called.

But admit it, YOU WANT IT ALL!

You want the wealth and the fame…

And honey, that does not make you a bad person!

It just makes you someone who is going to have work your bloody socks off to make it happen so you had better damn well WANT IT!

If you take nothing else from this post, take this –  give yourself a real choice.

Look at what you want without all the ‘called’ stuff – See what you really want and see also that you have choice, you are capable enough to do whatever you want to do and some of those choices would be pretty darned easier than this one.

Allow yourself to acknowledge that you will still be loved and significant, even if you do NOTHING!

And then choose.

Make a real choice to play full-out

Or to quit following after the ‘calling’

Either choice is fine.

You are not responsible for the whole world.

You are free to make any choice you want to make.

The world will keep ticking over whatever you choose.

You are LOVED whatever you choose.

Just choose.

Stop making the choice about whether you are holy or not…

You can be holy, spiritual and selfless living out your ‘because I want to’ life or living out a normal life.

Either choice is valid and does not define you as a person.

Separate your self-worth from this choice.

Then decide.

Free and clear, decide.

What do you really want?

COMMIT either way.


It is your choice, has always been your choice.

Fight for, deliberately design your life because you want to.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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