Has worrying ever helped you?

No, really…

Has it?

It feels like it might have with the amount of time you indulge it…

But does it change anything?

Does it shift anything?

Does it make you feel better?

What has worry EVER DONE FOR YOU?

I know that for me, it never helps…

It just keeps me stuck worrying and fretting and feeling terrible and when I really stop to think about it, NOTHING is actually happening right now.

Right now, in this precise moment, I am great

All the worst case scenario stuff is happening in my head…

Not in real life.

Now, I know there are times when things are really happening to you but the truth is, in that moment, you are not worrying…

You are generally taking an action of some sort to rectify the issue…

No point sitting there worrying when you actually have to solve a problem right here, right now, is there?

I want you to take a moment to think about…


this is what I can tell you too…

Worrying and dwelling for long periods on worst case scenarios or how this person is treating you badly or that person is doing something that you would not suggest and all of that…

It all brings the things you fear to you

It is like sending out a constant prayer for those things you keep imagining and thinking about.

Again, I keep telling you how powerful you are – I REMIND YOU AGAIN!

You do not stop being powerful when you sit around indulging fear and worry


You are creating, creating, creating

Do you really want to create all that?

Would it not be better to keep your mind on things you desire or at the very least, keep your mind neutral?

Something else about worry, it keeps you from your good.

You can only welcome into your life things that are in alignment with the general energy you give out.

Low emotional energy tends to attract more of the things that will make you continue to feel that way…

High emotional energy tends to attract more of the things that will give you those high feelings…

So, you get a choice

What do you want to welcome into your life?

Remember you do have free will so all the begging and pleading (you call it prayer) in the world while choosing to hold on to a worry state of mind, will avail you NOTHING!

The Divine will not force your hand.

Learn to catch yourself when your mind starts descending towards worry and fear and lack.

“The Divine is my instant, constant, unlimited Source & I choose to live in trust”

is a great affirmation to raise your mood

“Everything is working out for my good”

is another one

“The good I seek, is seeking and finding me”

is another one

Use them to elevate your mood and make room for all the prosperity that seeks to enrich your existence.

And if you are an ambitious spiritual person determined to make at least 6 figures while living in your purpose, come into OPULENCE

Come handle the mind monkeys that keep you trapped at a lower level of existence

Come immerse yourself in a higher level of thought

Come open up to opportunities for income growth

Now is your time for elevation


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