REtirement, Financial Freedom
Is freedom the same as doing nothing at all?

Is that your definition of it?

Do you think that that is freedom? The ability to rest your way into death.

People work their whole life for this dream. They stay stuck doing work they do not enjoy because they hope that at some point, they can move to a warm climate and do nothing at all for the rest of their life.

And guess what happens to those people…

They tend to get sick or they die or they find that they do not actually have the funds for such a leisurely existence so they have to keep working anyway in a job they like even less than the last one.

Sorry to destroy your dream but that really is usually what happens.

And you probably have seen it happen too but you tell yourself that it will not happen to you…

But what are you doing differently?

As human beings, we are created to fulfil a calling, a passion, SOMETHING and when we ignore that and try to make do with other people’s ideas for us, we feel empty inside and instead of recognizing what is happening, we just settle for it as though there is no other option.

There is an option.

But we fear the option because it is unknown.

And so we stay with the known option that brings death to us, anyway.

You may be breathing but inside, you are dead already and your body is showing signs of it as well.

What a sad way to live life!

It is not the only way…

Yes, I know you probably have been burned before as you sought to live a life that really mattered to you – Who hasn’t?

And so, now you think that your choices are limited. You are looking for the safe route to achieving financial freedom in as little time as possible. You do not want to risk anything and in some ways, you want someone to tell you exactly what to do so that you get a very prescribed result.

And that is possible…

But will it satisfy you? Or will you just be replacing the frying pan with the fire?

Now, you might have a little more money but the dead feeling inside, becomes even more pronounced. You are eating even more badly, Your body is not doing what it is supposed to, your relationships are non-existent, you keep looking for thrills in all the wrong places or maybe, you are just feeling tired, bored, borderline depressed all the time.

That is a sad life for someone who really was created to make a difference AND a fortune.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you have to change the world & everyone in it, when I talk of making a difference. Nope!

I am saying that in pursuing your own happiness, you cannot help but make a difference. Because the thing you are uniquely created to do makes a difference without you even trying; All those dreams in your heart can be created just by you selfishly following your own interests.

I know – It feels like a shocking concept to think that in you being ‘selfish’, you can still make a difference. Maybe, it is time for you to redefine ‘selfishness’ but that is a thought for another time.

Just know this – You are important in the evolution of the planet, not because you try to be but just because you are here in this time, for a reason and as you choose to really truly be YOU, you fulfil that purpose.

You do not have to be anything anyone else wants you to be, regardless of the social norms, the social pressure to conform. You can be ‘YOU’ and make a difference AND a fortune.

And yes, there is a journey to walk along – A journey that may seem tough at times but all the while in that journey, you will feel alive, rather than this deadening feeling of just existing.

Are you not fed up of that yet?

Come on! WAKE UP!


Stop dreaming of retirement & a false freedom! True freedom comes when you are being and doing exactly what you are created to be and do.

And it may change, ok?

Just because once upon a time, what you are currently doing made you come alive does not mean that it will forever. So allow yourself to grow and stop trying to make the best of a bad situation.


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