You Are Happening To Life – Not the Other Way Around

By July 15, 2015April 13th, 2020Self Development

Happening to lifeThere are two sides of you – The side that makes sense and the side that does not.

There is a side of you that looks on with detachment and wisdom at all the happenings in your world and then there is the side of you that gives events meaning.

And that meaning can be devastating or it can be empowering.

And one of the hugest problems for you is that you pay more attention to the side of you that does not make sense than you do the one that does. You think that the meaning you give things actually means anything. You think that because you think it, then it must be true and so you allow the side of you that is disempowering to win time and time again.

All the while there is a deeper voice within you that tries to make you come back to wisdom and yet, you do not listen. You have spent too long listening to the voice of silliness and now you forget the voice of reason.

Unfortunately, you and I suffer as a result. Because this is a situation faced by all human beings, unless you are particularly enlightened.

We say we want to succeed and we want to do our own thing – We want to work when we want, as often as we want and doing only what we want to do and yet, we mistake the steps to getting there as obstacles in our path.

And again, the voice within us, the sensible voice tells us that we only need to keep taking one step then the other and that we will finally reach our chosen destination. Even the voice of reason within us sees that we need to be free if we are to live out our purpose and yet, the other side of us – the silly side – thinks that we are too weak to make it happen and so we settle for what we do not want.

Even as you read this, you sense there is wisdom in what I say and yet, you struggle to see how it applies to you because you have shut down that wisdom within yourself.

You have listened for too long to the voice that says it is safer to stay put doing exactly the same as you always have, even though the results are not quite what you want them to be. And when you choose to glance at what you do want, all you see are obstacles and boulders and scary uncertain places in the path.

You have even tried to make things happen but the voice of silly is too loud. It keeps calling you back to a life you do not want and it keeps telling you that it is safest here.

But you do not want to be here. So why do you stay? Why do you keep putting the shackles on?

Why do you believe the fallacies instead of hearing the deeper wisdom within you? The wisdom that says that you can have whatever you want if you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. That is true wisdom – There are certain rules of the universe and you are not going to be the exception to the rules.

One rule is that if you keep taking the steps towards your chosen goal then you will eventually reach it. It is that simple and it has worked so far for everything in your life, even the stuff you claim not to want. Once upon a time, you valued it and so you worked hard to get it and you got it. You then realized you did not want it but felt trapped because you had worked long and hard to get here and you just don’t want to do the work to go elsewhere.

That does not make the rule a lie – It just makes you someone who chose wrong.

Any moment now, you can choose a different path but instead you see the journey as being rife with obstacles and challenges instead of seeing it as the growth of you. Instead of seeing that the person you are right now, cannot go on to get what you want. You have to grow into it and you do that by taking the steps as you always have.

And those obstacles and boulders and challenges? You might find that they are just paper tigers.

All roar but no substance – They are there to put off everyone but the most determined to win. Most people become scared and convinced that they are already defeated and so they cower away in the corner while the bolder among us charge forward.

And it is all because of the meaning you give events.

It is not the truth. It is A truth and it is one you can discard like old clothing that no longer fit you.

If you believe anything that gets in the way of you claiming exactly what you want out of life and your business, then you can easily choose not to believe it anymore.

You can tap into your deep wisdom and figure out a different way of looking and perceiving life. You can put a new spin on things until you figure out a way to get what you want because it is your choice.

Life is not happening to you…

You are happening to it.

Choose to listen to wisdom and claim the wealth, the prosperity, the overall success that you want.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want because you can.

It is all within reach.

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