Be honest with yourself for a second…

Are you upset with the Divine?

Maybe even downright angry, if you really had the courage to speak your mind with no fear of repercussion

This is not something you admit…

It is something you possibly turn a blind eye to…

But you have to handle it if you will ever truly prosper…

Life has not been easy

Things you hoped would work have not worked

Yes, there is a lot to be grateful for and you are indeed thankful


You just do not understand why certain things happened the way they did

There you are, a lover of all things spiritual

A new breed leader doing your best to get your message out there

Forever you have been faithful to the spiritual principles you know

You keep expanding your knowledge and doing this practice or the other


Things have not always worked out for you

In fact, some things have been TERRIBLE

And you just do not understand it

How can you be loved and still have gone through this stuff?

Would it not have been easier NOT TO BE SPIRITUAL? At least then you would not feel so betrayed…

You try not to think that way

You mostly push those thoughts down

But they are there

Lurking beneath the surface

Making you feel cut off from your Source

Making you feel abandoned

Where the heck was all this love when this and that happened?

Why the hell has life been so tough?


You try to put a nice spiritual bandaid on it but the wound is not healing…

It is just there getting more and more infected as other things happen and as we know, we attract what we are

And if you are currently harbouring fear and doubt and just plain old annoyance at the Divine/Universe/ Source then you will attract more reasons to be that way…

And yet, honey, you are not a victim of the Divine

It may feel like you are, at times and some of that may be your religious programming coming through as you were taught to be subservient and never to voice such thoughts

But if you do not shine a light on them, how will you heal?

And how long can you operate in this state of separation?

It is like a battery operated car refusing to be recharged because it is scared of the plug socket

How long before it runs out of juice forever?

And that is how you have been feeling…

Stuck stagnant overwhelmed anxious


Yes, you are an action taker so you keep pushing through

But in order for the work to work, you gotta do the inner healing work too

The lives you feel called to change will only hear you as you do the inner work as well as the outer work

Yes, the work always works

But you gotta do ALL the work…

Are you willing?

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Much Amazing Love

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