Habits Can Make Or Break You!

Habits can make or break you – They decide if you are wealthy or if you are broke. They put you on autopilot to a destination you may or may not have chosen.


So, what habits do you have currently?


Are they getting you where you want to go?


Or are they taking you down a path you really do not want at all?


People can get themselves trapped in feeling that their pathway is set from birth. Their parents lived a certain way, their grandparents did as well so now they feel that the only way to live is the way they are living now.


Is that the truth?


Well, I imagine if you have been reading my posts for any length of time, you know that I personally do not believe that to be true. But who cares what I believe?


What matters is what you believe about you.


Do you see that some of your habits may not be getting the results you want?


So, you say you want a great loving relationship at home with your partner but you are out all the time telling your mates that your partner does not understand you? After all, you have always gone out with your mates so why on earth should you stop now?


That is a habit that gets you lonely in a crowd.


You say you want to make money in your business but each day, you meander and procrastinate about taking any kind of action. You tell yourself that you need to get educated before you do anything.


That is the habit of perfectionism (It actually just hides fear)


What of your health? And this one is one I still work on all the time 😀 – You say you want to be healthy and eat right and yet, you continually buy nonsense and store it in your cupboards ready for you to snack on.


That is a habit as well – A habit that may really limit your lifespan.


These examples are fairly obvious ones but it is the insidious ones that really get you and each of us have our own variety of them. On the one hand, you tell yourself that you want to create this or that but when it comes down to it, your actions tell a different story.


Are you willing to take a look and see what is going on with you?

You might say you want to stop feeling so harried all the time, you might say you want to stop being tired all the time, you might say you want to be happy and yet, you have not placed any boundaries around yourself with regards to how people access and relate to you.


You tell yourself that you are being kind and selfless but really, you have a deep fear of people not liking you so you never ever say ‘NO’! This is a habit, you know?


This means that you never live to your full potential because you become a victim of the whims of others. And the result is not good for them or for you because if you were your true powerful leader warrior self, they would benefit from being around you more.


You are absolutely outstanding at your work, you get results, everything should be going incredibly well but you always get complaints from your subordinates and bosses that you upset people all the time – You think it is just that they are all jealous of you but whenever you move job/business/location, the same complaints dog you and you cannot ignore it any longer.


What habits have you implemented in your life that continually cause this to happen to you?


Will you dare to take a good, hard look or will you continue to live an ‘almost’ good but lonely life?


Moving up to the next level demands a lot of fearlessness on your part because the hardest thing to do is to look at yourself and realize that things you do are not getting the results you want.


Will you dare to look inside? Will you dare to be a completely wealthy warrior?


If you would like to understand the issues that continually dog you and hold you back from reaching your full potential in business, your career or your personal life, then let’s have a ‘Rapid Change’ session.


In the session, you will


  • Get crystal clear clarity on what you want, where you are headed and what you need to do to get there.

  • Uncover any challenges, any mind blocks or even external blocks that may be hampering your progress and making it tough to get where you want to be

  • Leave the session feeling re-energized, motivated to take the action required for real change that lasts.


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