You were trained to be an employee.

Getting that great job was revered and almost worshipped.

Everything you know about the marketplace is based on employee thinking.

You feel so proud to be breaking free from the corporate world but you are bringing all your corporate ideas to the business world and it will not work.

For instance, you believe that the more hours you work, the more money you should make

You believe that if you get better and better at delivering your coaching/healing service then you will also make more money

You believe that people will just know how good you are at what you do and they will then throw money at you and so you do not give enough attention to marketing and sales strategy

And then add on your spiritual beliefs…

You believe that because you are obeying the Divine’s calling within your heart then paying clients and cash will just be attracted to you without you doing anything physical to create them.

You believe that just because you love what you do and you have finally found the courage to start your purpose-aligned business, then money should just flow – All the gurus said so, right?! and the Divine is backing you up, right?!

And so, because it has not been easy to grow your business, you now believe that you are doing something wrong and so you spend lots of time healing and cleaning and seeking the Divine’s will, instead of doing strategic things to grow your business.

Or worse, you just keep doing the same old, same old things that got you nowhere before and you hope that if you just stay on track, then everything will miraculously work because you are one with the Divine and the spirit of your ancestors are backing you up and all that good stuff.

And you do not even realise it but you are a people pleaser.  You were programmed that way and so you keep creating low-cost or free products and services to ‘sell’ to the small audience you have managed to grow.  They love you for it, they hardly buy anything but they keep telling you how good you are and how what you do is soooo needed and so, you keep killing yourself to serve these people who just suck you dry and you do not question it because it makes you feel like you are doing some good in the world.

But your business is NOT growing.

And every day, you lose more of your self belief.

Everyday, you wonder if you have what it takes.

You do.


  1. Package Up Your Offering At A Good Price
  2. Communicate Daily On Various Platforms Where Your Clients Are Likely To Be To Raise Awareness Of Your Business
  3. Capture Those Who Are Interested In What You Have To Offer With A Lead Magnet Or Onto Your Social Media Presence & Daily Grow Your Audience
  4. Once They Are In Your Audience, Invite People To Get On The Phone With You To Discuss Their Needs & Discover If You Can Support Them
  5. Do These Things CONSISTENTLY

This is all that is required to grow your business but are you doing it effectively every day?

You need support.

You are skilled at what you do.

You do have a message that will change lives.

You are here to make a massive difference in the world.

BUT…You have blindspots that you just cannot see on your own.

You are working so hard to get absolutely NOWHERE.

Are you done?

Let’s talk in the 6 Figure Spiritual Business Consultation if you are a full or part time coach/healer who is DETERMINED to scale your business income to 6 figures within the next 12 months.

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