OK, so I am feeling pretty competitive at the moment.


Everytime I look at what my million-dollar coach is up to, (yes, I am a bit of a stalker!), she is on to the next thing. She is creating something more awesome than the last thing and she just keeps going.


And it makes me jealous.


Yes, I admit it, the green eyed monster rears its ugly head at times when I see what others are up to and I want it all as well. Nope, I am not perfect!


And yet, the truth is…


And I know it is the truth and yet…


It still makes me squirm when I think about it…


The truth is, that nothing stops me from being a freaky, deliberate, focused, awesome creator like her.


In fact, I know some people would look at what I do and think I do a whole lot of stuff. I know that and yet, I also know that there is more still in me.


And no, I do not come at it from a ‘I am not happy’ kind of way because my happiness is SOOOO not depenedent on what I do.


However, like I said, I know there is so much more to me. And I want to experience all of it and so when I go see what she is up to, I get annoyed mostly with me because I know I am capable of that and more if I would just pull my finger out and stop second-guessing and just get to work.


And maybe, you understand what I mean…


Maybe there are people in your life that you look at from afar and you wish that you could do what they do but you feel all caught up in your current responsibilities, your current stuff, your current life and yet…


Yet, there is a part of you that know you are not living to your full potential.


There is nothing you see someone else doing that you cannot do and yet, you do not do it.




Why not just do it?


What do you think will happen if you just got on with it?


Let’s list a few reasons (EXCUSES!) people give for not just getting on with it.

  1. It is alright for them, they don’t have my responsibilitiesReally?! Somehow, you think you have the corner on responsibilities…

    Somehow, you think you are the only one with children, parents, partners to look after, mortgages to pay, healthcare concerns to worry about etc etc… NO, honey, you are not. You choose to make them an excuse whereas others choose to make it a reason to give it their all.

    Your choice, friend.

  2. I just cannot find the timeAgain, really?

    We all have the same amount of time, we all HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME!

    So therefore, it all comes down to what you choose to do with your time and maybe, you have different priorities… That is okay but don’t deceive yourself into thinking that it has anything to do with how much time you have. You are in control of how you use your time. NO one else gets a say unless you let them have a say.

    So, if you say you want to experience all that that super productive person is experiencing, then you best stop using this one as a ‘reason’ not to.


  1. I am not sure God wants me to be all I can be – Isn’t that proud or something?Oh please… Enough of this weird excuse already!

    If you do believe in God then you must believe HE/She/Universe created you just the way you are. With all your gifts, talents, dreams, desires etc.

    Do you think they were given you as a joke?

    Do you think they were given you to taunt you? Some kind of cosmic joke at your expense – “I created you with all this power… Now, deny it, deny yourself and live lower than you are capable of as I teach you humility”

    I know…

    A lot of you have been taught to believe this and so, you allow it to control what you allow yourself to do. You keep waiting for the world to end instead of getting stuck in and making a difference. And yet, inside of you is this discomfort, this dissatisfaction that you cannot completely kill off but you keep trying, OH YES!, you keep trying and it is such a loss.

    A loss to you, first and foremost – You have so much yet to experience but you just won’t let yourself.

    And a loss to the planet because there is such power within you that could really make a difference and you just hide away instead of questioning your beliefs.

    Such a pity!

  2. I can’t do itHow do you know? You have not even tried!

    And no, that one half-hearted attempt you dabbled at about 15 years ago, does not count. You and I know it was half-baked. You pretended to give it a try but then quit the moment it seemed to get a little complicated.

    You know what I say is true! I have done that half-baked attempt thing as well and I regret it. I look back and think I could have been so much further along now if I had just stuck with it. But hey, 20 years ago was certainly a great time to plant that tree but as we didn’t do it then, the next best time is NOW!

    Get to it and commit this time. No turning back!

  3. I don’t know howOh please, give me a break?!!!!!

    In this day and age of information everywhere?!

    “You don’t know how” is not a valid excuse. We live in a blessed time, there is knowledge everywhere – What you seem to be lacking is the determination to go get it and apply it.

    Google ANYTHING and someone out there has probably put up some video, report, book, something showing you exactly how to do it. All you need to do is apply that knowledge – Take the first step and then the next and then the next…

    So, the question is “What is really getting in the way?” Really?

  4. I just don’t believe enough in myselfAnd now, we are getting to the truth…

    Deep down inside, you hold back because you doubt you. You doubt that great things are really possible for you and so you get in your own way over and over and over again and you think it just proves that you are somehow incapable.

    You stay stuck in a ‘life of quiet desperation’ and you convince yourself that this is all there is. You are cynical of everyone out there who is giving things a go and you get smaller and smaller each and every day.


    Enough, honey!

You are a limitless individual with lots of life to experience.

You do not need to be cynical, jealous or even in competition with anyone because all they are doing is living to the fullness of their own potential and you can too. The choice is available to everyone. You just need to be willing.

Are you?

Fight for, create the life, the business you want just because you want to and you can. It does not need to get any deeper than that 😀
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