It’s A Great Day To Be Alive!

By September 8, 2014September 27th, 2014My Journey

It's A Great Day To Be Alive

It is so easy to wake up and give in to all the feelings of lack and want that threaten to flood the mind.  It is so easy to lie there thinking “Oh Lord, How am I going to make it through today?”

Why not change your tune?  You always get the choice to be sad or to be happy.

You get the choice to be ‘in lack’ or ‘in abundance’

What will you choose each day?

How will you start each day?

What will you focus on?

Yep, maybe the kids woke you up in the middle of the night and now you feel hard done by; Again, you have the choice to focus on that or to focus on the fact that it is a great day to be alive anyway.

Your kids can be a blessing or a curse – I choose Blessing!  Even if they wake up twenty times a night.  They are still a blessing to me.

What of you?

Join me in singing this little ditty – Let the declaration seep into your psyche and decide, truly decide that it’s a great day to be alive!

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