God Owns all the Doughnuts – And He Is Happy To Share…

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God owns All The Doughnuts

Do you find it incredibly difficult to really believe that there is abundance all around you? Are you partly convinced that there is not enough for everyone so you feel kinda guilty when you have more than your neighbour or friend? OR maybe, you think ALL the wealthy people actually had to do something horrid to get their wealth and you, of course, would never do such things?

I know the feeling, I have lived in lack for so long that believing in abundance is a major shift in my thinking and yet, now I see the reality of it everywhere.

This time last week, I was listening to some preacher dude telling me some stuff that I thought was mostly small, limited thinking but somewhere in the middle of it, one thing stuck out to me as absolute truth – God owns all the doughnuts!.

It made me smile that on the one hand, he admitted that God owned it all but then he was also telling us to live in frugality as if all these things were being withheld from us. And to add insult to injury, he was also telling us that though we need to revel in being poor, we also needed to give to the church to help it grow as the church too was poor. 

I wonder why!

Growing up, I lived in a home that looked wealthy but actually had a lot of lack.


  • We had to search for milk powder to use in cereal and drinks because there was fear of the expense of buying more so the milk was hidden or locked away from us kids 


  • For years (it seemed) we went without bread – I remember my siblings and I gathered round my mum when she came home with a loaf of bread – and she laughed as we hoped and prayed we would have a taste, 


  • We lived in a house that was just a shell of bricks and plaster and nothing else for a while as we were ousted out of the company house we had been living in because my dad had a car accident that left him paralysed from his neck down and he was forcibly retired.


  • In our own home, we had cousins come to the house and steal from us so I got into the habit of stealing my own things back from them – seriously!!! In my own home!!! I almost laugh to think of it now.

I could go on.

Lack was a way of life. On the outside we looked like we had it all because my mum worked her ass off to try to maintain the appearance of wellbeing but really, it was all an illusion, we struggled.

I remember my sister and I used to play the game of ‘What if the accident had not happened? What would life have been like then?’ We would then go off in wonder and imagination thinking of the swimming pool we might have had, the holidays we might have gone on etc etc.

The truth looking back is that I don’t think my father could have coped with being wealthy for very long because he too had come from lack and he felt guilty about being more well off than his extended family so whatever came into our house was filtered out to them as quickly as it arrived. Again, another sign of LACK!

OK, now I do not tell you this because I want you to feel sorry for me – No, I tell you this so you understand that I know what it is like to believe that ‘lack’ is the only way to go.

And when your life has looked like this for so long, it is tough to take the stance that there is abundance everywhere. 

Even amongst spiritual people, who believe there is more out there than meets the eye, there is a sense that you have to beg and plead with God, the Universe, whatever you call it, for every little morsel. 

And some other spiritual people think there is no point getting too involved in the world because any moment now, it will implode.

And you know what, Maybe it will, Maybe it won’t but surely, whilst you are here, you may as well make it a better place for your children, right? Just in case, your sense of timing is off… and the world remains for the next thousand years or more…

Or maybe, the reason it will implode is because you have the very thing needed to keep the world going and you are withholding it due to your false, limited thinking. (Honey, there is incredible power within you – When will you tap into it? )

So on the one hand, you claim to believe that “God owns all the doughnuts” – However, you will shoot down anyone that suggests to you that this same God wants you to have some.

It feels evil, it makes you feel guilty to avail yourself of what is out there for the taking and so you put limits on yourself but, honey, it is such a silly way to think.

Sorry, but I do have to tell you, it is silly. It is fear driven, you are scared that somehow you will miss the mark and maybe miss your chance at paradise in the next world and instead of questioning the way you think, you keep feeling holy and spreading your message of doom and gloom.

Please, just stop.

It feels hard to be this tough as I know I am questioning some long held beliefs for a few of you.

And yet, I MUST speak out for those who are ready for change.

Yep, I will probably get more messages telling me how I am flawed and how I am leading people to hell but hey, whatever! If I can reach one person to give them hope then I MUST.

This is it, we live in a world of abundance – NO, I do not say it will be easy to tap into that if you have always lived a life of scarcity – it will take you some doing to become a wealthy warrior but it is possible.

And think how much more useful you will be when you have an abundance from which to serve and contribute with. Your sacrificial giving can become CHEERFUL giving!

There is abundance everywhere and because of the lack of wisdom shown by those who could use it for the most good, it has gone into the hands of leaders who are not able to deal appropriately with it. 

It is time to turn the tables and start building channels around you for the wealth to arrive and then as you step into your true leadership position you can use that wealth to truly serve, to truly contribute, to become Mother Teresa if you like.

Just first believe it is possible, OK? 

God / The Universe does own all the doughnuts and he /she wants to share them with you, if you will just accept it. 

There really is enough for everyone!

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